Super Mario Bros.

Create the Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and New SMB levels on your wall

Any fan of Super Mario Bros is going to love this project. As you can see in the pic below, this project will transform your dull wall into a Super Mario Bros level! We got these restickable vinyl wall decals (stickers) from Thinkgeek. Once you get your stickers, you'll be able to recreate a Super Mario Bros level or make up your own. They offer these cool wall decals with Super Mario Bros level pieces and characters, Donkey Kong level pieces/characters and they even offer the NEW Super Mario Bros. decals!

Super Mario Bros Wallpaper - DIY project
Super Mario Bros wall stickers from ThinkGeek

Ready to start your project? Here's where you can get the following decals:

Super Mario Bros. wall decals

Donkey Kong wall decals

New Super Mario Bros. wall decals

Some additional pics of the different types of decals:

New Super Mario Bros wall decals

New SMB wall decals stickers in package

Donkey Kong wall decals

Donkey Kong wall decal stickers in package


i got a idea

ok if you got (cat's) you could make the stuff that he walks on pop out of the wall so the cats could walk on it and like play the game on your wall that is what i am going to make for my cats i love mario and cat's so this is awsome!


i love mario
i going to get them as fast as i can
PS I HAVE put this website on my desktop


this is so awesome!!
Mario 4 live!!!!

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