Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo Wii

UPDATE: New Super Mario Bros. for Wii Confirmed!

Where is it?! I love playing the Nintendo DS version, but I need New Super Mario Bros for Wii. Nintendo, please port the game to Wii! Either Nintendo will release an official New Super Mario Bros for Wii or the emulation scene will develop a DS emulator for the Wii that'll allow everyone to play our favorite game EVER!

If you haven't seen what the New Super Mario Bros for DS looks like, check out these commercials from around the world:

New Super Mario Bros commercial from France:

New Super Mario Bros commercials from Japan:

New Super Mario Bros commercials from Germany


Special Power-Ups!:-)

New Super Mario Bros. Wii will replace blue shell and mini mushroom with flying power-up and penguin power-up that you can use to freeze enimes and turn them to ice blocks!


they are making it for wii, 4 players, cross your fingers and pray for wi-fi multiplayer.

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