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Play backup games and homebrew apps on your jailbroken Playstation 3

We don't normally report on the Sony Playstation 3, but this is huge news for the PS3 homebrew community! The PS3 has been available for about 5 years and no one has successfully created a fully functional mod solution... until now. Within the past couple of weeks a few different types of jailbreak techniques have surfaced that will allow you to copy your existing PS3 games onto the PS3's internal hard drive -- you'll no longer need to boot the game with the DVD after dumping the PS3 game onto the HDD. Awesome! :) The PS3 community has found ways to turn smart phones into USB modchips for the Sony Playstation 3 by installing PSFreedom onto iPhones, iPod Touch, Android phones, Palm Pre and a bunch of other devices. This technique requires a bit high geekdum to accomplish. For those of you that are not too tech savvy, there's a simple solution for you as well. The PS Jailbreak USB Modchip has been developed that only requires you to plug it into any of the Playstation 3's USB ports and installing a couple of apps to dump PS3 games onto the internal HDD.

Here are a few useful links if you're interested in jailbreaking your Sony Playstation 3:



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