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R4DS - R4 Revolution for DS (Nintendo DS Lite blank cartridge!)

We've recently stumbled upon this slick doo-hicky called the R4 Revolution for Nintendo DS/Lite. The R4DS is basically a blank cartridge for the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite. The R4 uses any microSD flash memory card (up to 4GB according to the official site, but 2GB is recommended, does not support microSDHC) for storage. This means you can put music, videos and ROMs onto the microSD, plug it into the R4 and play them on your Nintendo DS! There are NES, SNES, TurboGrafx16, Genesis (and many more) emulators available for the Nintendo DS. You could possibly walk around with all of your favorite console games from the past 2 decades on your Nintendo DS!

UPDATE: There's been a lot of changes since this blog entry was published on 01/20/08. The orginal R4 is still for sale, but a few clones have popped up on the scene that supports the bigger microSD card like the 4GB, 8GB and 32GB microSDHC! With a 32GB microSD, you'll be able to carry around the last few decades worth of games on 1 cartridge. Note: all the cards listed below uses different software. To find the software for your specific R4 card, check the links @ the bottom of the vendor's page after you click on one of the R4 links below. Here are the different types of R4 cards:

WiiLoveMario recommends the following reputable R4 vendors. All offer FREE shipping (except Amazon).

Click on the tabs below to see all R4 vendors:

R4DS Buyer's Guide

Select one of the R4 vendors from the tabs above to see prices for the R4s. If you're not sure which one you want to buy, then head over to our new R4 Guide. This guide will help you decide which R4 will work best for you. We also provide Installation Help and Firmware Download for all the different version of R4s.

R4 Revolution for Nintendo DS Guide
Click here to see the
R4 DS Guide
R4DS (Original)
R4 DS Original
R4DS Blister
R4 DS Blister (Barebone package)
R4 III Upgrade
R4 DS version III Upgrade
R4DS Ultra
R4 SDHC Upgrade
R4i (R4DSi)
Gold R4i
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R4DS cartridges for Nintendo DS and DS Lite  
Genuine R4DS without microSD (you need a microSD to use the R4). $7.95 w/FREE Shipping
Genuine R4DS with 2GB microSD $17.95 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS for Nintendo DSi (also works with DS and DS Lite)  
R4i Ultra with 4GB Kingston microSDHC(comp. w/ DSi v1.4 firmware) $31.52 w/FREE Shipping
R4i SDHC with 4GB Kingston microSDHC (comp. w/DSi v1.4 firmware) $33.85 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS cartridges for Nintendo DS and DS Lite  
Genuine R4DS without microSD (you need a microSD to use the R4). $7.95 w/FREE Shipping
Genuine R4DS with 2GB microSD $17.95 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS for Nintendo DSi (also works with DS and DS Lite)  
R4i Ultra with 4GB Kingston microSDHC(comp. w/ DSi v1.4 firmware) $31.52 w/FREE Shipping
R4i SDHC with 4GB Kingston microSDHC (comp. w/DSi v1.4 firmware) $33.85 w/FREE Shipping

R4 Revolutions features:

  • 2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
  • Flush fitting slot 1 card
  • Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32
  • Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game
  • Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
  • Built in NoPass
  • Automatically detect save type
  • Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip
  • Supports Moonshell and other homebrew. Open I/O interface
  • User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation
  • Supports rumble pak and memory pak
  • Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
  • Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface
  • Support Skin DIY by setting background and font colors on Main Menu and Game Menu manually and automatically
  • Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment ( DS Lite only )
  • Supports the Soft Reset.
  • Supports Action Replay cheat
  • moonshell 1.6 support Software Reset function( Press START key back to the R4 menu)
  • DLDI auto-patching
  • Full download play support


THE DOES NOT HAVE SDHC Support. Hopefully it will with the newer firmware. 4gb microSD/TF cards do work, just not SDHC ones.

Here's a video of the R4 Revolution in action:

So you've read the features, watched the video and decided to order one. Here are a few freely distributed ROMs to test your new R4 Revolution:

Dev-Scene has a nice NDS section with downloads to DSLinux, IRC and IM clients. Check them out here.

To play videos on your DS, you'll need the Moonshell tools. Here's a good link with download to Moonshell and Moonshell DPG Tools. There's a nice tutorial on how to get video on your DS here.
UPDATE: If you need a more Mario friendly R4 Skin, get them here. Link to official R4DS site: If you're looking for R4 .sav files, here's a site that will convert any save to a .SAV file for you: If you're looking for some Nintendo DS ROMs, we don't have any! BUT there are plenty of people that store their collections online. Copy and Paste the following search string into a Google search and you'll find all sorts of NDS roms!

Copy and Paste the following string into a Google search box: {-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(nds|rom) "mario"}

Here is the v1.18 firmware since the official R4DS site seems to have problems staying up. Download the R4DS v1.18 firmware: English-1.18.rar
Have fun! :) Super Mario Bros.



R4DS - R4 Revolution for DS (Nintendo DS Lite blank cartridge!)


Hi, just alter the date back

Hi, just alter the date back by a year. Its a system bug that is being sorted out for the next set of updates for the r4i cards. I have just had the same problem and altered the date on my dsi ahd it works fine now.


Try changing your system date on the ds itself, just change it to 2 days before.

I had the same problem with my one and this worked. Not sure if it will come back after 2 days or not though

Hi gemma, Firstable sorry

Hi gemma,

Firstable sorry for my poor english.

I've already post this morning on this topic but it seems that my reply hadn't been displayed, so i try again.

I had the same default. It would seems that R4 is upset with the 14th april 2010.... lol
I,ve seen on a french webite that this is a bug of R4. The DS has no problem so keep it and don't put it in the trash !
The only solution to fix that bug is to change the date of your DS by changing the year to 2009, normaly you'll win a year without trouble.
The french website says that many furnisher of R4 have ask to the chineese manufacturer to fix the bug and we hope that it will be soon.

r4 system date solution

to fix this all you need to do is go into the menu (with out the r4card in the ds) and change the date back a couple of years or more .then u will be able to load up the r4 again.on the 15th of april all r4s stopped workin because of this error so all u have to do is trick the ds into thinking the 15th of april hasnt come yet and ul be able to play.
hope i helped!!

change your date back a year

change your date back a year and prob is fixed

Don't know why this is

Don't know why this is happening. But I found that if I change the Date on a DS or DSi to any date before the 14th April it starts working again! Hope this helps as a temporary fix.

System Date Error

I had this error on both mine and my son's DS with the R4i adapter - I changed the system date to the same date in 2009 (without the adapter in the DS) and it now works for both of them.
Date is a year behind but I can live with that as long as I have my games....

System date error temporary solution

To my knowledge, all instances of Moonshell everywhere started copping a system date error as of last Wednesday (Apr. 14, 2010). Until a more permanent solution is devised, a temporary solution is to go into the DS's setup and set the system date back a month.

Thank you everybody. I

Thank you everybody. I thought I was going nuts and screwed up my DS somehow. lol

There is no DS card inserted

Hi someone has given my son a Ds but we have no instructions when we put the game in it says no ds card inserted however sometimes it does work I can't understand what were doing wrong we tried different games as well
please help !

blow into the bit where you

blow into the bit where you insert the game that might help to clean it

yeah, I tried buying ds's

yeah, I tried buying ds's from craigslist, two days in a row, and both ds's read "no card inserted" when there was a card inserted. Did not buy either ds....must be a common problem.

Loading D':

I've been playing Mario & luigi: bowser's inside story & today I tried to turn my DS on and when the R4 tried to load the menu, it says " system date error ! Please check NDS system date. " I dont understand whats wrong D ':

error message

We have our R4 revolution card since December. EVerything has been ok, except today, it starts to load then message' System date error! please check NDS sytem date' comes up.

Please help

Hi, Firstable sorry for my


Firstable sorry for my poor english.
I had the same default and i found on french website a beginning of answer.
It would seem that its a bug. The R4 is upset against the 14 April 2010...... lol
So you can fix it by changing the date of your DS. For exemple change the year by entering 2009 and you'll win a year without trouble !
I saw on web site that some of R4 furnishers have made a demand to the chineese manufacturer to correct that fault. We hope that they give us a patch to upgrade the R4 and definitively fix the default.
Marc ( French West Indies )

Hi when i load up my r4i

Hi when i load up my r4i card i get an error message "system date error! please heck NDS system date. i got it on my old dsi so went and bought a new one and getting same message.
Any help would be great

4gb sd card in gold r4i sdhc

mine keeps coming up with the error screen telling me to turn power off & look in the manual but that doesnt help! it with a 4gb sd in a gold r4i sdhc and it driving me mad it for a dsi any help please !!!!! i can get it working on my ds lite but not the dsi ic tryed the firmware on the box it came with also a few others i found but it jus cums up with star wars or sumthin or other ??? and then when u tap on it , it cums up with turn power off and i cant figure out how to do it at all !!!!!!!!!

maybe your card is wrong if

maybe your card is wrong if it is go get a new one and it will work or your computer does not work i use romulation its the best


i have got my r4 card for nintendo ds and i also have moonshell does anyone kno the site where i can download games..
it is really annoying me becuz i cannot find a site anywhere.. please any help will be greatfull...
email me : [email protected]
pleaseASAP. is a good is a good place to go

Hi just search on google for

Hi just search on google for NDS ROMS and there you go.

Okey i need help i brought

Okey i need help i brought an r4 card and i have a 4gb micro sdhc card. but when i use it all i see is just saying loading and i really cant give it back. plz help me really


My pokemon heart gold used to get stuck or frozen every few minutes or so. And almost everytime I saved. So this one time, I saved and it didn't stop or get frozen. So I said, very good and everything, and very shortly after I did something that got the game frozen. Now, when I try to load the game, the screen is blank. What do I do? Thanks in advance.


Hey I have a patched version of Pokemon Heart Gold so if you want add me on msn or e-mail me and I'll send the patched version. I'm not sure if your original .SAV file will work on the patched version. If not then I'm sorry that you'll need to start again. The patched version is 98% English. So, you'll be able to play the game in as much fun as you can possible have with it. All the story mode is perfected with no-one in the story mode speaking Japanese.

Good Luck with it.

Hey.. I have a patched

Hey.. I have a patched version of both HG and SS. At the minute I've only got the HG one to work (Soul Silver just freezes on one of the loading screens) but the HG isn't a good patch - most of it is in English (like all the important stuff) but none of the unimportant conversations are in English and most of the battles are still in Japanese.. could you email me the patched HG?
I hate not knowing what's going on...
My msn is [email protected]


in my case i downloaded the EU version and that froze so i waited and they updated the firmware
now it runs smoothly no freeze or anithing


If I put a new downloaded game on my R4 and I make a new sav. file it stops working, I tried already downloading new data, but that doesn't work. It started when I made a sav. file for one game and played the game while another game still needed a sav. file. Can anyone please help me?!?

R4i sdhc (red box)

Hello,I just got the R4i sdhc for my ds lite and watched a video on youtube about how to set it up, but unfortunately the kernal on does not work. All I get is a star wars lethal alliance icon and I touch it with my stylus and the screen turns white, Is there a different kernel I could download and if so can someone please give me the exact download.

R4 firmware

There are almost 100 variations on the R4 cards - so many manufacturers and different models.
You MUST use the correct firmware for your particular card or you will most likely be stuck on the "Loading" screen.

Your box should indicate the website to use - go there , download and setup your card according to their instructions.
If you don't have the box anymore then you will be stuck with trying all the different firmwares you can find to get the right one.

Once you get your card working - make a backup on your pc , cd or hdd.
then you have a base point to start from when something goes wrong.

As above

I get exactly the same error. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

English v1.18 error creating file

I got a 2gb micro sd card that i formatted from my mobile phone to make it empty.....Trying to create the english v1.18 files on the card and comes up with lots of errors when i'm trying to extract the files. Need help! or can some1 say why? need a heads up on this please... thanx

Can not access saved data

I've tried downloading Pokemon Platinum onto my R4. This part works fine but when I go to play the game, it says it can not access the saved data. Can someone help me with this?

save issue

hey bud just change your save file frome auto to efreem i think it is that worked for me

how do i change the sav??

save issue

hey bud just change your save file frome auto to efreem i think it is that worked for me

How do i change it?

DS/GBA roms on R4 SDHC?

Can you play both DS roms and GBA roms on a R4 SDHC card?

You can't play gba roms

You can't play gba roms because they work diffently to ds ones i can't explain exactly how though :(

My DS keeps switching off

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me, I have read problems that other users are having with their ds but have not seen anyone with the same problem as me.

Since putting my r4 card in it was going fine at first but now when playing games it keeps switching off, this is not due to the battery being low as it does it when fully charged, this is very frustrating as sometimes you can only play it for a couple of minutes. please reply if anyone can help.

Much appreciated, thanks

you perobably have the sleep

you perobably have the sleep setting switched on. the third option on the menu is where you can adjust sleep settings, skins etc. just switch it off.

R4 + Moonshell = no games???????

Ok now that I have my R4 III 32gb card where do I go to get games?

where to download ds games

search and type watever game u want to download in the search space on the page and click on the game on the list . then there will be a yellow square with download written in it and click on that and then click on north american server and download it but before u do that download the 40 day trial of winrar on the winrar website because when u downoad the file double click on it then highlight the game and then click extract file then choose your ds usb and then extract the file to it and then put the sd in your cartridge and power on and have fun playing(:

Romulation is down

Romulation does NOT Serve ROMs anymore.

Go to

ds switching off

Hi was wondering if anyone can help, i have read most of the comments/problems but cant find the answer to fix mine.
the problem is when my r4 card is in the ds it switches off throughout the games (any game on r4 card) other games work fine and it doesnt need charged.
this is very frustrating as sometimes it only works for a couple of minutes before shutting down.

Reply much appreciated, thanks.

A little problem with the R4 III Upgrade....

I have a slightly small problem, my R4 Upgrade Revolution for DS (NDSL/NDS) vIII will not, and I repeat this, will not load certain icons from games that have had icons shown before. An example would be a picture of the Phantasy Star Zero icon next to the Game Name & Company it was made by will not show its normal Icon. Instead, it shows us a Nintendo DS Lite Icon, and is not able to detect the cheats that are installed in the usrcheat.dat for it. Before I had a rehaul for it to run properly, the game Icons would show up perfectly with the cheats. I have been striving for a solution for the past year and a half and I am now desperate for a solution. If anyone knows how to fix this error, please reply to this message and I will attempt your methods of repair. My thanks to you in advanced.

p.s: If anyone here needs more detail, then reply to this message and I will list the problem step by step for a more easier understanding.


hi i am playing Pokemon heart gold on my computer and recently i bought an r4 so i copied the Pokemon heart gold rom to my r4 and i cant play my saved file on the r4 only on the computer so can you please help me :(

are you sure that the

are you sure that the heartgold file is a .nds file?

r4 works in 1 but not the other

hi dont know if any1 can help asap but i have 2 r4 cards and 4ds's in the house the cards will work in 2ds (old 1 and lite) but not in the other 2 y is this?

r4 sdch

I have a DS Lite and I have the regular r4 for ds, but i am wanting to upgrade to the r4 sdch so i can use a bigger memory card *just 4gb*. In the info/features it states No need to flash. Built-in launch Slot-2 (gba) function. Does that mean it is a bigger card and it wont fit into slot 1 like the regular r4? Is there another type that is better recommended?

I have bought an R4 card,a

I have bought an R4 card,a friend downloaded games onto the card.It was working fine at first but now once you put the card into the DS it comes up as error.It isnt the DS as games work.Could you please assist with the problem. Thanks

the same problem

Hi, i have the same problem. i have bought two R4 cards with games on it but it works fine and then error comes up. if you find a solution please email me anmd tell me. i cant keep spending money when the same problem comes up.

r4 problems

i have 2 problems with my r4 iii r4 delete files on its own
2.the r4 i have has a small crack at the very bottom
i wonder if anyone could help me

R4 SDHC Upgrade Revolution for DS

dummy question... please advise... is there any way to play an R4 SDHC Upgrade Revolution for DS on a DSi???

Couldn't find -DS-MENU.DAT

my dad has an r4 card for his ds in which he uses a nokia micro sd card,when I put my kingston micro sd card into his r4 it just says "couldn't find -DS-MENU.DAT. Help please???

On your dads card, he prob

On your dads card, he prob has the menu file loaded/saved and on yours you do not. If he has the files from his card saved on his computer all you have to do is hook your card up with micro sd flash drive into usb and when your files come up, drag his files and and if it is moonshell, also drag ds.mshl.nds file . if not, you will need to copy his files with the sd flash, insert his memory card into it and hook into the usb on your computer. save all files from sd card to computer. then take out his card and insert yours. when your file comes up, drag the and and if it is moonshell, also drag ds.mshl.nds file. that should take care of it


will it work on a DSi?

how do u get back games u have lost

help i was on nintendogs and i switched off and when i swiched back on it was gone plz help

re: will it work on a DSi?

The original R4 will not work on a DSi. The R4i Red will work on the DSi (even v1.4) and DS Lite. Checkout the guide:

R4DS card stop working when I added new files

We got two R4-DS cards (I think the original with 2Gb) and my kids used to play with old DSs and regularly added files to their R4-cards. Recently, we got a new DS-Lite. Both R4-cards were working with the DS-Lite (when remained unmodified). But today, I added new game files on one R4-card (didn't touch the system files), and it completely stopped working. I get the message "Couldn't not find the SD/TF card" in the DS-Lite (and it doesn't work in the old DS anymore). Yet, the other unmodified R4-card still work in both DSs (old and Lite). I tried to put the english 1.18 firmware (we had a french version???)

What could I do to have the R4-card working back to normal?

my r4 works fine i recently

my r4 works fine i recently put zelda spirit tracks onto it and it plays but now when i plug my r4 into the computer via micro sdhc adapter it wont show up in my computer or anywhere in my pc. could some please respond as i want to put more games on dont tell me to format because i cant it wont show up in my computer anymore. it just stopped working the other day.

deleting games off r4 by mistake

hi my child is only 3 and keeps deleting her games off her r4 card by pressing x whilst it is in the ds,,is there a way i can block her from doing this by mistake, Is there soemthing i can do to stop them deleting whilst pressing x on games menu


no there is no way to stop

no there is no way to stop him i think but try pressing select to take it off the games and when it is ready to be played on pressselect again and the games will come back on

Sorry if this dosen't work but if it does it is the only way

i dont know why all these

i dont know why all these people are ragging on you. my daughters been playing with her ds/ds lite/now dsi, since she was 2. some kids are smarter than others and know how to play games on a console. leave her/him alone!!

wow, you are stupid your kid

wow, you are stupid
your kid is three year old. most games are recommended for children over the age of 6, which is the E for Everyone rating.
plus, you are pirating games. you are already teaching your kid at an early age that pirating/stealing is okay.
you are a bad parent

DS 3yr old?

Simple solution, don't give a $130 DS to a 3 year old, give them some blocks, they are cheaper. And if your child isn't able to comprehend not pushing a button that deletes the games, or even that you tell them not too, or the fact that they can't read kinda is a sign that maybe its too advanced for them.

Be a better parent and load

Be a better parent and load the game up for the three year old. Communication is key.


I Brought 2 dsi's 1 each for my son & daughter they have been working fine then i connected them to my wireless internet & all of a sudden i cant play any games on them i'm not good at understanding things like this so not sure if ive done something wrong they keep coming up with the error screen telling me to turn power off & look in the manual but that doesnt help! Can someone help understand whats going on & have any ideas on how i can resolve this matter Thx x

its because you have updated

its because you have updated the ds to version 1.4. i am having same problems but cant find the work around and dont have an old ds to upload the firmware arrrggghhh

corrupt files on r4 cant delete...

i downloaded bowsers inside story, it had a virus, it infected eveery mario game i had and now i cant delete any of them from my r4. can anybody help? please i have tried everything. thanks...

Format it.

Once the R4 is plugged in to the computer, find it in 'my computer' and right click on it. Choose format, and it will erase every file on the R4, corrupted or not. That's how you get rid of files you can't delete.

if you hok it to your

if you hok it to your computer a good antivirus program should kill the virus but you might lose the games

Corrupt .sav file

Hey all,

I got a 4gb R4 SDHC card. But when I play a game, save it, restart the ds then I get the message ".sav file corrupt. Need to delete the file". I have this with several games, not all. I´ve upgraded to the newest kernel version (1.30), formatted the disc (using panasonic formatter) but still no luck.

Can anyone here help me?


r4 ultra and rune factory a fantasy harvest moon

uh hey guys i have bought a r4 ultra for my ds but i can't play the game rune factory a fantasy harvest moon on it it will just stop before the main screen i'm using the firmware 1.54please can anyone help me??if you can please send a message to my email: [email protected]


you need to play other games because not all the games work but if you search the game on a different r4 list you might get a version that works


I had a r4 since 2 years. I thought that my software 1.18 was old so I downloaded the dsi 1.55 one. I found out that 1.55 isn't for my r4 original. So I deleted it and put back my 1.18. I found out that I am MISSING THE THUMBS.db and can't get it back even if I try to put it in(drag and drop in the sd) now it's saying error create system file failure and storage space inadequate. I have a 1gb Kingston and the original r4. PLEASE HELP ME MY PARENTS ARE GONNA FREAK.(they bought it for me when it costs about $100 (yes I know they got scamed))

thanks in advance

not booting..

hi! actually, a couple of weeks ago, i bought a DSi and an R4 card..thing is suddenly it stopped working. I select the R4 menu on the DSi menu and it goes blank (A white screen, nothing else....) was working well for the first few days..and then suddenly, it started to blink..and after a couple of minutes the R4 menu used to appear..but now, that has stopped too. nothing comes and i dunno what to do...pls..if anyone has a solution, do share! :) thanks!!

Game not loading now

Okay sooooo i downloaded alot of games for my r4ds, all of them worked completely fine.
BUT now my zelda: spirit tracks wont load up. ive tried deleting it then adding it again. nothing. i tried getting a new one and it still didnt work. ive played the game already and loaded it up before more then twice.
i dont know how to make it work. i really want to play this game.


yeah same thing happened to me it started working after i pressed the green button in the top right hand corner where it says r in a circle

hope this helps:)

When your on the list of

When your on the list of games before going to Zelda press the r in the top corner so it turns red then the game should load

I have two Revolution for

I have two Revolution for R4's and one of it works perfectly fine and the other doesn't. It doesn't work for the latest games and it just blank out. It also doesn't support the 'skin' features... I just copy and paste what is in from my another Revolution for R4 that works perfectly fine for the latest games and supports the 'skin' feature.

Help x.x

Stuck at "Game laoding..."

I formatted my 2GB MicroSD using the Panasonic version, after trying my PC's FAT (not FAT32) method, and it takes a long time for the games to load. Actually I am unable to play any games, because it never gets pass the "Game loading..." phase.

What could be the problem?


hey all,

i just got the R4i (gold) and i have a nintendo ds lite i have a 8G chip. i can not figure out what firmware or sofware of what ever i need. i know the R4i i have works with the ds lite and 8g chip becuase it says so on the box. there error i recive is a loading screen.

Please help.

"R4 SDHC UPGRADE Revolution for DS" for my DS lite

hi i bought the "R4 SDHC UPGRADE Revolution for DS" for my DS lite and when i put the software and the game and put in to the ds and on the top screen its shows "menu ?" i dnt kno wt do do is anyone can help me pls

thank you

"R4 SDHC UPGRADE Revolution for DS" for my DS lite

You need to download the Menu and also put it on the card. There should be a website on the box that the card came in. Got to that site and download the menu. You'll need to extract it. I used 7Zip to extract because WinZip didn't seem to handle the format. Extract and copy the files and folders to your card and it should work.

"R4 SDHC UPGRADE Revolution for DS" for my DS lite

does anyone here know the link?
ive already discarded the box...

Try this one:

This is for the R4 SDHC, see if it works:

This one is for the R4 III Upgrade, try this one if the above doesnt work:


I used to have an R4 for more than 2 years and I never had any problems with it untill my cousin broke it so I bought a new one. I've tried and done everything I've done for my old R4 but when I open my ds it just goes *LOADING* and even if I leave it for an hour it still wont work. I don't know what's wrong with it. I also knew how to put pictures and music in my old R4 but I don't know what I've done wrong with my new one. *My R4 isn't fake* I've also just bought an 8GB micro sd card but the biggest sd card I've ever had was a 2GB micro sd card.
Is that the problem?
Does anyone know why my R4 is not opening?

Thans in advance.

possibly your system does

possibly your system does not fit to your new r4... you can down load them by going to the r4 site indicated in your r4 cartrage...


You need to download the new Menu for this card. The old menu will not work. There should be a website on the box that the card came with. Go to that site and download the menu. You'll need to extract. I used 7Zip because WinZip couldn't handle the format. Extract and copy the files and folders to the card. Should work then.


make sure that u formatted ur card fat 32 first thats what mine did at first so io reformatted it and did it again and it worked

Try using a smaller MicroSD

Try using a smaller MicroSD card. 8 GBs isnt compatible to my knowledge.

it may be the system

it may be the system differences ie. old system files or are you using the new files you got?

well if you are only using a

well if you are only using a nomal r4 and you are using a micro sdhc card it wont workso if you are you need a new sd card but its probably just better to get a r4dsi

hey guys i just downloaded

hey guys i just downloaded the legend of zelda spirit tracks for my r4 only to find out 7z format files dont work. is there a way to convert it?

zeler game

piret bay download it drage drop to sd turn on find game THEN top righ corner tuch the dot it do from green to red. red ok play

7z is just a form of

7z is just a form of compression for computers you need to unzipped it there are many free 7z extractor software out there


i no that most of these problems have been solved but i still cant work my r4 2gb it didnt come with a disc so i have no idea what needs to be on it...... i've been trying to install the kernel thing but its not working and i dont know what else needs to be on the micro card. Can someone give me some simple instructions on how to get it to work :S helpp...

dsi errer

hi, today i bought a r4 ds ultra that is preloaded with games. when i inserted the r4 the icon was there at the dsi menu, but when i click it,is says that
"an error has occured. press &hold the power button to turn the system off pls see the nintendo dsi operations manual for help trouble shooting"
ive already tried what the manual says which is 2 turn the dsi off and wait 4 awhile then turn it back on to try again.they also say that if the prob. persists call the nintendo just wondering is there a way to fix this thing without needing me to call them. is it because of the version of the dsi? my version is 1.4u.pls help me!

if you bought you card

if you bought you card before august 3rd then you should fimnd an update to get working,if not then cheack for the latest firmware

can not delete folder

i noticed my r4 was not working so i plug it into my computer and i saw these random folder and icons the icon name was random shapes and they will not delete. now my r4 will get to the menu i will click the game icon and then it freezes and it does not show any games nor any menu options like the cheates or anything .
the last thing is that my moonshel is gone and some of options. did the random folders infect the other ones???????

does any body suggest anything????

dsi wont save r4 games after playing it

Hi, we brought a r4 card for my daughters dsi, if we play a game then go to anothe it wont save the game we played before, is there anyway of fixing this. Thanks

Games won't save

From what I've researched of your problem, the most likely culprit is an outdated "firmware"version. Use the link posted above and download version 1.18. (Make sure you delete the old version off the micro SD card before you copy the new one over to it). I believe the older firmware just isn't compatible with some of the newer games your using. Good Luck

R4 issues

To all of those who have posted questions/issues with their R4 cards, please check this link for "how to" help. This will solve most of the problems for the "noobs".

Good Luck..Hope this helps.

Mr. Nintendo.

nintendo ds lite and r4 card?

well ppl ive been knockin about different forums for days gettin prity fed up..........sumone help my problemgoes like this i i have a r4 revolution and a kingston micro sd.have dl the kernals from the web site it mention on the bear bone blister packet thingy, copyed and pasted over to my sd card ,made games folder and dragged roms in.but in my ds light which is my daughters and a pink one doesnt show a game cartridge installed?????it beats me truly can some one help plzz?????

nintendo ds lite and r4 card?

I had to format the SD card before it would see it. I used SDformatter V2.0. This might help.

nintendo ds lite and r4 card?

well ppl ive been knockin about different forums for days gettin prity fed up..........sumone help my problemgoes like this i i have a r4 revolution and a kingston micro sd.have dl the kernals from the web site it mention on the bear bone blister packet thingy, copyed and pasted over to my sd card ,made games folder and dragged roms in.but in my ds light which is my daughters and a pink one doesnt show a game cartridge installed?????it beats me truly can some one help plzz?????

R4 card and micro SD for DSI

Hi, please can someone help me. I currently have a nintendo DS and have an R4 card. I an upgrading to a DSI and know that I have to buy a new R4 card that works in the DSI. Do I also need to buy another micro SD card or will this just slot into the new R4 card for the DSI???? hope this makes sense.....
Also does anyone know how many games you can fit on a 4GB card??

It counts on how big your

It counts on how big your games are the bigger your games the less games you have on a 4GB card.

Alot of u people have

Alot of u people have problems with ur R4.

Maybe u guys should try kernel 3.10
Its for the R4 sdhc UPGRADE revolution.

i put moonshell on my sdhc

i put moonshell on my sdhc but when i look at it on the computer it is not there so i put another moonshell in but it says this folder already contains moonshell can someone please help me


my r4 worked in old nintendo ds but wont work in a new ds , anyone got any idea's

could anyone help me ? my

could anyone help me ? my son had a ds and a r4 card which worked perfectly but he broke his ds , i recently bought him a new ds but the r4 doesnt work in it have nintendo found a way to block the r4's

r4ds with sd card files missing

I have bought an r4 revolution with a 4 gig sd card. i have loaded all my games onto it and it works great. I have put the correct software also. So that is fine.
When i turn on the ds lite and all the games are listed in top screen, in the bottom screen it tells you the name of the game highlighted, and below that it shows 2 grey boxes the left box says setup x the right box says cheat y.
If i press the setup x in the left box after doing so next time i switch the ds lite on it just hangs. So if i take the 4 gig sd card and look on my computer it shows as empty, yet it is full. So i formatted the card reinstalled software and games and all is good again. But i need to know why this happened incase the kids press the setup x box again.
Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to stop it happening again. Thank you for your time.

R4 full but no files on it

Can any one help? My R4 has completely nothing on it so when i plug it into the computer i can't see any files but go properties and it 100% full.

i've had the same problem -

i've had the same problem - all you can do is re-format the chip and put your games back on there as you've lost all your data - to avoid this, don't let ur chip hit its maximum volume

Crushed R4 (not exactly it has the same shape)

hey i accidently crushed my r4 under my door and now its working although the micro sd card is working the problem is that when i insert my r4 and on my ds instead of that loading screen my ds start screen comes up and it says there is no ds card inserted plzzz help oh man i wonder wat my father will say...thanks in advance!!!!


Right, I have two problems with my R4.

I have the 2gb one, and my DS is the original Pink one (which, from what i've heard, doesnt work with R4's).

So i put it in the USB stick thing that came with the R4-SDHC, and my computer says "Please insert disc into Drive F".
People keep saying to download Kernel 1.18.
I've done that.

My second problem.
When I put it into the cart, and into the DS. i get the "? Menu" screen. And it won't go any further.
Is this because I can't put games on it? I don't know.

So yeah, it don't work in my PC or DS.
Made in Korea? Yep, never buying anything made in Korea ever again.

So if you can help me, thanks.

I have exactly the same R4,

I have exactly the same R4, the [menu?] screen is because you don't have the menu installed on there yet - without the kernel it's just an empty SD card in the cartridge after all.
The only thing I can think of is that you get a new SD card or reader - which ever one is causing the problem.
As soon as you can get the kernel on there, it works fine I promise.

sdhc card 4gb corrupt

tried to download r4 software to the card via the reader but it wont load onto pc says files not accessible or corrupt should i send back to seller ? or any tips?

Disable anti virus. If you

Disable anti virus.

If you have aol software installed on the machine you should stop it from running.

How to get rid of the games

Hi im trying to delete some of the games off of my kes Ds's but i don't know how to get it plugged into my computer. Someone pleases help.

r4 upgrade

ive upgraded my r4 but the light gone dim carnt see the games very well. anyone help please

Hey there should be a option

Hey there should be a option when clicking the top L button

my ds cant read thr r4 card

my ds was working fine until recently my r4 card doesnt work. can anyone tell me what can be wrong with it plzzz.

re: how to get software for r4

Hi, I have recenytly bought a r4 sdhc revolution for my son, but i cannot figure how to get it to work. do i need software for it? if so where can i dl it from? when i put the chip in it just said "loading" and that's it, i figure i need a software...please help and rerspond to this posting to [email protected] a bunch

Are you sorted yet..... If

Are you sorted yet.....

If not...... reply back and i'll give you the full instrucions..... and with luck.... email you the files you need,,,


my r4 card has all of the main files and yet it starts up and thers none it comes up with the touch icon to get into moonshell and the button to get to the games menu:- games menue just blanks and frezzes. moonshell dosent do anything(dose not respond to touch) even though i have all of of my games and few mp3's it dosent do anything still. now my r4 is just doing "? menu" or "MENU?"

R4 software

Check out the R4 Guide page to find the software for your R4:

Game Loading Screen

hello (:
so i've set up my r4ds and everything. i've downloaded pokemon platinum onto my r4 card, but when i try to play it, the game loading thing stops after loading a little bit. it looks like it's frozen or something? well, is it the rom's fault or the actual r4?


After my problem with my last R4 I decided to buy a R4 Upgrade Revolution which is having a similar problem only instead of loading it comes up with a red square with the words "? menu" in it. anyone help???

Yeah, i have the exact same

Yeah, i have the exact same problem with mine. It just will get stuck right after i turn it on with the "menu?" subtitles

The ? Menu Error

I had the same problem o the same upgrade card. I am using a Mac and have a smaller Micro MD Card (less then 1 g) I think it was a formatting problem. I fix the problem by going to Fry"s Electronic Store and bought a 8G Card for $17.99. Came home added the new software and now it works. If you need help let me know

format with a pc. Mac add

format with a pc. Mac add some strange hidden file system such .trash even on my pen drive. i hate Mac. easy? sure! powerfull? certainly not when it comes into multi platform. Thumbs up for Linux anyway.

my save won't load anymore. why is that?

i beat mega man starforce 3 yesterday, so then i decided to play pokemon platinum for the first time. it ask me to create save data for it, so i did. after saving in pokemon, i went back to mega man, but all that came up was new game. can anyone tell me what's wrong? i look at my save and it's still there. is there some way to get it to recognize or recover it? i found this website on a whim, so please send me your reply by email

[email protected]

i probably won't see your anser here.


My cousin has the R4 revolution for her DS light so I thought i would get 1 so she lent me her SD card to copy the files onto mine but now when i try it on my ds the loading screen stays up, can anyone help???

its not that simple as i

its not that simple as i found out, apparantly the ds won't read some files when they're in folders so try copy/paste the files out of the folders but what i did was first format your mini sd card ( u need a usb adapter or sd adapter ) that means wipe it clean and then u gotta download some software to make it work, I figured it out with the help of you tube, put in, set up r4 card and there is an ultimate beginners guide on there which worked for me, good luck x

Trying to get games onto SD card

Hello i was wondering if anyone could help me out. Ive put a bunch of games onto my computer from a disc that are already NDS files but when i try to copy them onto the SD its starts too then stop and says i have an I/O device error. Im not sure what this means could anyone help?? thanks

R4DS playing game and going back to R4 directory

hello i was wondering while playing a game how do you go back to the R4DS main directory to choose another game? i always have to turn off the DS and turn it back on. thanks for the answer


Ok, i have tried that before and what i did was press the all the buttons at the same time and it would bring me to the main R4 scren without turning the DS off. I hope it works for you! byez!

Not Recognizing R4DS

OK, to my understanding of this card it is a 2Gb but my computer is not recognizing it when using the card reader or the usb?
It originally had games put on it by a friend, then brought it home to put on my own games and doesn't read it.
Anyone have a solution?
Please? lol :]

HELP with R4

My daughter bought some games (from Ebay) for her DSI and the people sent the games on a R4 card with a 2gig micro SD card. When we put this into her DSI it says there is no game in the slot. Is there a driver or something that we need for this to work?? If not how do I get this to work for her??

Thanks (in advance) for your help.

re:help with r4

this is because nintendo have found out about r4 so they put new hardware to stop it but the r4 people are making r4 dsi dunno the release date but it should be soon hope i helped

You will need a DSi compatible flash card

The R4 will not work with your DSi. You will need a DSi compatible flash card. Here are the latest flash cards for the DSi:

can't find usb

hi i recently just got the microsd card and loads of discs with different games i put the microsd card in the usb port andplugged it in the computer for some reason it is not recognising the usb and nothing is coming up really help if you would reply to this with the answer or email me at [email protected]


Do I need kernel to play games because my computer wont let me save it or open it just comes up as notepad and it wont let me change it is there anything else I can use?

How do you put new cheats on

How do you put new cheats on The R4 Hdsc ?

Saved from my original game


I just buy a R4 card.

Is it possible to take my saved game from my original game to put them on my R4 card??


I know how to do everything to get AR cheats onto my R4 except from the stuff to do with the thing called _system_. Can someone tell me how to get this and what I need it for?

my computer won't read my usb with memory card in it

hi just wondering if anyone could help i bought a r4 with 2gb memory i had no problem before with it i could download games and put them on to my memory card but now my ds is saying can't find ds menu.dat but it was working fine earlier so i took it back to the shop but they told me to update my r4 card how can i do this if my computer won't read my r4 card? please help

Deleting things by mistake

Hey, I accedentally deleted something on my R4DS by accedent, and now it wont even show the menu when you want to play it on your DS. Now it wont run at all.
Does any one have a site or any help so i could recover those lost files, or get new ones? Your help would be gratley appreciated, as my R4 has been giving me alot of trouble recently.

R4 Websites

The website you want depends on the cartridge
Usually, for R4 Revolution (non-SDHC) -
and for R4 Ultra (SDHC) and R4i (DSi) -

Once there, go to downloads and get the latest 'kernel' version for your language.
Unzip it and copy the 2 files and the 2 folders to your SD card.

Should be job done!


it depends on what kind of r4 you have.
if you have r4ds it should say at the bottom of your r4 or nothing on it but if its r4 ultra it will say so if its r4ds you should go here to download:
(copy and go and select language you want)

if its r4ultra go here to download:
(same as r4)

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