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R4DS - R4 Revolution for DS (Nintendo DS Lite blank cartridge!)

We've recently stumbled upon this slick doo-hicky called the R4 Revolution for Nintendo DS/Lite. The R4DS is basically a blank cartridge for the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite. The R4 uses any microSD flash memory card (up to 4GB according to the official site, but 2GB is recommended, does not support microSDHC) for storage. This means you can put music, videos and ROMs onto the microSD, plug it into the R4 and play them on your Nintendo DS! There are NES, SNES, TurboGrafx16, Genesis (and many more) emulators available for the Nintendo DS. You could possibly walk around with all of your favorite console games from the past 2 decades on your Nintendo DS!

UPDATE: There's been a lot of changes since this blog entry was published on 01/20/08. The orginal R4 is still for sale, but a few clones have popped up on the scene that supports the bigger microSD card like the 4GB, 8GB and 32GB microSDHC! With a 32GB microSD, you'll be able to carry around the last few decades worth of games on 1 cartridge. Note: all the cards listed below uses different software. To find the software for your specific R4 card, check the links @ the bottom of the vendor's page after you click on one of the R4 links below. Here are the different types of R4 cards:

WiiLoveMario recommends the following reputable R4 vendors. All offer FREE shipping (except Amazon).

Click on the tabs below to see all R4 vendors:

R4DS Buyer's Guide

Select one of the R4 vendors from the tabs above to see prices for the R4s. If you're not sure which one you want to buy, then head over to our new R4 Guide. This guide will help you decide which R4 will work best for you. We also provide Installation Help and Firmware Download for all the different version of R4s.

R4 Revolution for Nintendo DS Guide
Click here to see the
R4 DS Guide
R4DS (Original)
R4 DS Original
R4DS Blister
R4 DS Blister (Barebone package)
R4 III Upgrade
R4 DS version III Upgrade
R4DS Ultra
R4 SDHC Upgrade
R4i (R4DSi)
Gold R4i
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R4DS cartridges for Nintendo DS and DS Lite  
Genuine R4DS without microSD (you need a microSD to use the R4). $7.95 w/FREE Shipping
Genuine R4DS with 2GB microSD $17.95 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS for Nintendo DSi (also works with DS and DS Lite)  
R4i Ultra with 4GB Kingston microSDHC(comp. w/ DSi v1.4 firmware) $31.52 w/FREE Shipping
R4i SDHC with 4GB Kingston microSDHC (comp. w/DSi v1.4 firmware) $33.85 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS cartridges for Nintendo DS and DS Lite  
Genuine R4DS without microSD (you need a microSD to use the R4). $7.95 w/FREE Shipping
Genuine R4DS with 2GB microSD $17.95 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS for Nintendo DSi (also works with DS and DS Lite)  
R4i Ultra with 4GB Kingston microSDHC(comp. w/ DSi v1.4 firmware) $31.52 w/FREE Shipping
R4i SDHC with 4GB Kingston microSDHC (comp. w/DSi v1.4 firmware) $33.85 w/FREE Shipping

R4 Revolutions features:

  • 2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
  • Flush fitting slot 1 card
  • Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32
  • Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game
  • Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
  • Built in NoPass
  • Automatically detect save type
  • Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip
  • Supports Moonshell and other homebrew. Open I/O interface
  • User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation
  • Supports rumble pak and memory pak
  • Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
  • Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface
  • Support Skin DIY by setting background and font colors on Main Menu and Game Menu manually and automatically
  • Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment ( DS Lite only )
  • Supports the Soft Reset.
  • Supports Action Replay cheat
  • moonshell 1.6 support Software Reset function( Press START key back to the R4 menu)
  • DLDI auto-patching
  • Full download play support


THE DOES NOT HAVE SDHC Support. Hopefully it will with the newer firmware. 4gb microSD/TF cards do work, just not SDHC ones.

Here's a video of the R4 Revolution in action:

So you've read the features, watched the video and decided to order one. Here are a few freely distributed ROMs to test your new R4 Revolution:

Dev-Scene has a nice NDS section with downloads to DSLinux, IRC and IM clients. Check them out here.

To play videos on your DS, you'll need the Moonshell tools. Here's a good link with download to Moonshell and Moonshell DPG Tools. There's a nice tutorial on how to get video on your DS here.
UPDATE: If you need a more Mario friendly R4 Skin, get them here. Link to official R4DS site: If you're looking for R4 .sav files, here's a site that will convert any save to a .SAV file for you: If you're looking for some Nintendo DS ROMs, we don't have any! BUT there are plenty of people that store their collections online. Copy and Paste the following search string into a Google search and you'll find all sorts of NDS roms!

Copy and Paste the following string into a Google search box: {-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(nds|rom) "mario"}

Here is the v1.18 firmware since the official R4DS site seems to have problems staying up. Download the R4DS v1.18 firmware: English-1.18.rar
Have fun! :) Super Mario Bros.



R4DS - R4 Revolution for DS (Nintendo DS Lite blank cartridge!)


Action Reaply on R4

Hi, I'm using R4 Revolution 8g and I have Pokemon Platinum Rom on there which is working fine and I've used Cheat Code Editor Version 1.01 to try some cheats. I only wanted some event pokemon because I'm from Aus :/ Anywho, I've loaded them fine, and followed Youtube tutorials to use the cheat editor and save the usrcheat.....but when I go to load the rom on r4, it comes up with the CHEAT Y button and enable cheat and select the cheats I want enabled...but then I go to play the game and they don't work and also when I go back to CHEAT it says they are disabled. Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee help. I can't connect to wi-fi on my nds, and all I really want are the event only pokemon like shaymin and darkrai :/

How to get the cheats on the R4 working


Did you try to click enable so that that when you click enable theres a tick in enable and no tick in disable

Good luck

take my advice, use Pokesav

take my advice, use Pokesav and get all the Pokemon you want with every attack (use Google)
no use working cheat code editor, cause will take hours with hardly any effect

R4 backgrounds

I have been trying to get a background for my R4 DS Lite, so i downloaded one from and i put it in the _SYSTEM_ folder, which i was told to do, and i turned it on and there was no background. Can anyone help?


hi guys, just wondering. sorry if someone has already asked this, just so many to read haha.

im trying to put new games on my sisters R4, and they also want me to delete some. i plug the micro chip in the adapter, and click on the folder with the games in it. i selected the ones that i wanted to delete, and it came up saying: Cannot delete file: write protected
or something. how can i take the write protection off so that i can successfully delete the games?

it would be much appreciated if you could help :)


try deleting them while the

try deleting them while the chip's in the ds by selecting and pressing x

Problem With Pink

Hi, I am having a problem with the pink NDS Lite, The original r4 card works with my Black NDS Lite but refuses to work with the Pink NDS Lite my family got recently, If anyone could find a solution, I would be most grateful, Thank You.

pink ds

hi wondered if you found out why it didnt work, i have 2 black dsl and 2 R4 that work great, just brought my daughter a pink dsl and the R4 doesnt work, shop brought games do so its not that games dont play


hi my r4 was working one day but then a day later it wont even say loading!
Is there a way to fix that and also is there a difference between the different r4's?

I'm having trouble with

I'm having trouble with Yu-Gi-Oh Stardust Accelerator WC09 mostly (I'm also having the same problem as someone else on here where everything is in chinese, but it's bearable). The cheats show up and everything, just when I get in game none of them prove to be working. I'm lost! I don't know what else to do.

save fil cannot be found and new games wont play

wenever i download a relativly new release game it asks me to creat a save file as always so i do and then it just comes onto a black screen with cannot faind sav file turn off and reinsert the cartridge


[email protected]

what are you talking about?

what are you talking about? I've had the r4 for 3 years and i've only updated it twice. 1.18 is working with every rom i've tried. including new games. the newest on my r4 with 1.18 is suikoden tierkreis and I did not need to update to play it, nor did I need to patch.

games don't work on new R4

We bought a new R4-SDHC Upgrade Revolution for DS (NDSL/NDS), and loaded games onto it, but when we play it on our new DS Lite, it just comes up with an error message "Menu?" - apparently it can't read/process the files. The games work fine on an older DS. Any ideas what the issue is and what we need to do in order to make these games work on the new DS Lite?

Hello, I purchased the r4

I purchased the r4 about a month ago, and I have been playing many games with it, but it seems that some games doesn't work on my ds(I have the old version). For some games, I'm able to make a SAV file and then proceed to play the game, where the screen just turns white or black and the game does not load. For some other games, I was able to play for several days, and then all of a sudden the same thing happened and the game never loaded.....why is this happening for only some games?? and is does anyone know any way to fix this problem? Thank you for your help!!

Problems With Freezing Loading Screen Solved

When i received this R4 card it came with no software although i saw some websites with the driver included. I tried to cut corners by watching the youtube videos and downloading the latest kernel such as 1.18 since it had the latest updated date. What this created was alot of frustrating downloads and deletions of several kernels after that to no avail......the same freezing loading screen would appear. Then i googled word by word the name of the R4 card and typed R4 UPGRADE REVOLUTION FOR DS NDSL/NDS... and i a file R4-III v3.10 kernel appeared as the first choice and boy did i feel stupid when all my problems were solved then. Hope this helps someone.......not all of us know there are many types of R4 cards etc.....Good Luck

loading screen freeze...

i do not see a v3.10 kernel for english. is htat how it is? my ds lite freezes when i insert the card with 1.18 kernel

thanks for your help

how to delete !2╦:£▀pt.ƒq?

hi, i bought my r4 the other day and loaded pokemon platinum to my 2 gb micro sd card. it asked if i wanted to create a .SAV file, so i did. the game was working, so i turned it off and switched it back on again. instead of the platinum .nds file i had all these files with weird symbols like ╟6╞u╟5┬.¡╫÷ and they take up 41.3 gb on my card. i want to delete them but it says Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.
does anyone know how to delete this and why this happened???
thanks for your help!

hi this happened to me, and


this happened to me, and my dad fixed it.

er, its something to do with the fact that the file is unknown by any software u have so it cannot delete it. i think my dad downloaded sumthin off the internet that idetified it, or converted it into something else, hope this helps slightly...(you will have to reload pokemon back on again, as your othr 1 went corrupt)

hope i helped u a bit


Sd card reader

My R4's micro card works fine in my DS, but my card reader tells me that there's nothing inserted in drive E. However, it is clearly plugged in properly, and it is a 2 gig card. I wish to put two games on it, but my Properties says it is 100% full when is isn't.

Same for me

I have the same problem!! Im looking for a way to fix it.. mine is 8g

Deleting files

Hi i recently purchased a couple of r4, and gave them to my nieces as presents. when last went to see them they told me that they had deleted the files by mistake by pressing X or something which then gave them option to delete. so i've gotta reload them up again i'm just wondering is there any way that i can disable the delete mode whilst on the menu?
all comments much appreicated and i know that somebody as already asked this question up above but there seems to be no answer or none that i can see.

Thanks in advance

Hi there. I also accidently

Hi there.

I also accidently deleted all the files on my r4, including all the files that come with it to actually run it.
Do you have any idea how to get those files back? is there a site to download them from or anything?
Please help, I can't use my r4 without those files.

Many thanks

hi i downloaded update

hi i downloaded update 1.19u, yes i know it was unofficial and i was using it at my own risk. it works fine, but i wanted to put the old version 1.18 back on (i backed up all my data before doing this btw). so when i put my memory card into the usb reader and plugged it into my mac, its not showing up. my drive is not showing up at all. i tried it on my other mac as well with the same result. the memory card still works in my r4, but unless i can get it to work again i wont be able to put new games on there, let alone switching the software back. does anyone know what i might be able to do to fix this? thank you!


Hi got a R4SDHC download the files, extracted & placed them on the Mico card, then place it in the holder & insert to the DS, booted up started load, then the top screen flickered and only half the screen shows at the start up, back page colours with vertical thin lines flashing,
on the bot screen shows all the menus,
then comes up with error message, error when trying to access disc or file, then back to main menu.
but the top screen is all thin line,
when put DS game slot1 the top screen is the same, all thin line, but all the menus are ok on the bot screen
what can I do, is it the softeware which a caused the top screen to go like this, are there any patches??

I thank u all

The "LOADING"-screen didn´t disappear so i tried all the things u writed...then it worked XP

Thank u all soooooooooo much!!!!!


Hi, I see your comment about solving your "LOADING..." issue. I have a R4 card for my son that works perfectly fine so I purchased 4 more cards (from a different website) for my daughter and friends and none of them works. I get the Loading issue on all of them. Card almost seems thinner and like it's not making a connection with the DS! That might sound crazy. Curious, what did you do to fix your problem.


I dont know what to do

sometimes i download certain games and when i open them to play them i cant, while some others i downloaded that same day can be i need to update my card or game.

deleted sav files

hi i deleted(by accident) the sav file of my favourite game pokemon shadows of almia and now i wanted there any way to recover it?(the sav file) thanks in advance!!!

computer not reading micro sd

I just got my r4 from a friend and I was able to access the micro sd on my school's computer with no problem, but when I got home, it doesn't work on my own computer. It is able to read the USB reader but not the micro sd. When I click on it, it prompts "Please insert disk into drive E/:". I would like to know if there is anyway around this issue. Could someone please help me?

microSD or microSDHC?

What kind of SD card is it? a 2gb or bigger? If it's bigger than your home reader might not be able to ready microSDHC cards.

Problems with R4-III Upgrade SDHC

Hi all,
I got an R4 card for my birthday and because my list of games was a mile and a half long my mum bought me the 4gig.
However, I am having alot of trouble with it.
It started off working fine, i uploaded my games and got moonshl and all that. Easy. I was playing it that evenin and restarted my DS lite to play another game, it got stuck and just says loading... when ever i click to play a game.
Then i attemped to clear the card to start over completely and see if that worked. It made my computer freeze, and the Removable disc folder goes to unresponding everytime i plug it in and try to move or delete an item.
As if that wasnt bad enough, I tried it about 20 minutes ago and now my DS lite wont play the card at all. It just goes to the main DS screen and where it shows what game is in the back it says 'No DS card inserted'.
Is there something i could be doing wrong??
Any help would be great!



have u tried re formatting the sd card...plug it in to computer...highlight removable drive ...right click...format...wait till its done...then start all ova again with software and games on sd card...hope this helps :)

This is ONLY for the R4-III Upgrade SDHC

Have you tried this firmware?

When you unzip it, you'll see the following directory:

+ English_Version3.07
+ R4_eng

Copy all of the files from R4_eng and put it on your R4, they will include the following files and directories:

+ MoonShell
+ mypicture
+ R4

All of those files should be in the root directory of your R4.


HOw do you get to the root directory...I know that sounds silly, but I have just been sending the files to the card and it is stuck on loading when I try and turn it on...

Try a different firmware

Try a different firmware version for the revolution

S.O.S action replay

Hi hope someone can help me my twin boys are driving me crazy, they found out that action replay works on r4, the only problem is that they have r4 upgrade vlll and I have looked everywhere to find out how to install it I found it for the older r4 but not the upgrade version is there anyone on this planet that can help lol

download cheat code editor

download cheat code editor and cheat code manager. om ccm copy and paste the game cheats u want onto my codelist. now go onto cce and go on file then import xml file. click that then go on to the place where you save ccm and go onto local codelist then go onto the 1 u want and click ok. then save it as cheat.dat or usrcheat.dat. Be sure not to put both folders at the same time.before u save it connect ur r4 sd card on ur usb. click save and save it under _system_ folder as usrcheat.dat or cheat.dat
connect sd card into r4 and put into ds
Happy Cheating

action replay

SOS I have twin boys that r driving me nuts they have the R4 upgrade Vlll and I really don't understand how to get the cheat codes to work PLEASE can someone help me with step by step instructions I have used and tried everything and na-da thanks in advance

R4DS ultra Cheats

Is there a way to put new codes onto R4DS ultra, I know there is for R4DS but it does not work with the Ultra. Thanks.

R4DS ultra

Is there a way of adding action replay codes to the R4ds Ultra?

'Cannot find saved files' please help

new games i downloaded all have cannot find saved files etc. other games work. i've tried many different ways, and even clicked to generate a save file, even with that saved file it'll still read saved file cant be accessed... what do i do??

Can I disable the X function (delete?)

My kids keep on hitting the X button on the ds. This asks if you want to delete the file? Can I permanently disable the function from my R4?

DSL wont play R4

I have both the old DS and a DS Light but my DS Light wont play the R4 my old DS plays it fine.
My DS Light came from hong kong and im not sure why it wont play R4 the R4 will play in all my friends DS Lights is ther a program or patch i need to download for the R4?

new games from Jul 08 onwards don't work on R4

Hope someone can help. i've just downloaded GTA chinatown wars to my R4 card but when loading i get a save file cannot be read message and get asked to turn the DS off. i've downloaded numerous roms from the same website that have worked fine, however, GTA and Proffessor Leyton's (relatively new games) don't appear to work. Is there some sort of firmware that needs downloading to the R4 card in order to make them work?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

i have same issues

with several games: zelda, lego batman and lego indiana jones to name a few - i'm asked to reinsert the ds card - i've even tried dl'ing a couple different bittorrents, thinking it could have been the file to no avail - i'm convinced it's the game...

Jul 08 games do work on R4

Pokemon Platinum (U) which was released in March 2009 works perfectly on my R4.

Games from Jul 08 onwards do work on R4

I have the US Version of Pokemon Platinum on my R4 and it works perfectly.

Much Frustration - now working!

All the advice you need appears above. My son and I have had a very frustrating morning trying to get rid of the "stuck on Loading..." problem. After originally trying the 1.18 kernel upgrade we then read our box which has the URL for an R4 SDHC. We then tried the 1.25 kernel for this version of the R4 but still to no avail. We then actually looked on the chip itself and although the box says R4 SDHC we have the R4 Deluxe. We downloaded the 1.20 kernel from the links above in the post by Nick and now all is well.

The trick for us - as a few have already stated above - was to find which version of the R4 we actually had and then download an appropriate kernel. Good luck!

"Loading.." solution - simple

Had loading.. problem for days but read and tried a bunch of stuff from this forum.

Thanks to Nick's "FINALLY!" post (recap below)

ok here it is:

1. Download and unpack this.
2. copy files to your SD card
2. Works!

(I have R4 SDHC (with "new" on the box). Used a 2 gig SD micro)

R4 Revolution sav game not working with r4 Ultra

Hope someone can help. I have a distressed kid.
I updated him from a R4 Revolution card with 2 Gb SD to a R4 Ultra with 4Gb SDHC but when I copied his sav files over they dont work and the R4Ultra creates a new sav file.
Does anyone know if they are compatible? or if you can convert them?


change case of extension

I had the same problem. None of my save games worked from my r4ds original to the r4 ultra (sdhc). When I renamed all my save files from .SAV to .sav then they all worked! Weird but at least now I can keep going from where I left off with my new flashcart.

you went from a genuine card

you went from a genuine card to a fake?
you could try a .sav file converter not sure about this R4 Ultra mind

R4 SDHC revolution for DS + 8gb SDHC

Everyone is an expert on the internet aren't they?

I have got a R4 SDHC revolution with a sandisk sdhc which is not at capacity but have over 120 fully functioning roms, about 6gb, on it to chose from. Have V1.24 installed, admittedly it doesnt function completely because moonshell doesnt work but if you want to watch extremely low quality movies on a tiny screen you can just sit very far from your tv and get horribly drunk. Also the first menu is blank but push the screen and you'll find where all the roms are. So in other words it works. About to play about with it to see if I can get the menu to appear but if it doesnt work Im not really bothered. I didnt get a ds lite to watch movies or listen to music.


Hi when I get my R4 for my nds, will i be better installing the latest updates from the r4 official website than installing them from the disc?


My son has R4 VIII and this works fine with a 4gb microsdhc card. I have got myself an r4SDHC (different r4, sometime called r4 version 3 which is different to r4 VIII, confusing I know!!!) am waiting for my 8bg sdhc card to arrive in the post as the r4sdhc is suppose to support up to 32gb card. I will let u know if it works but just remember that each version of the R4 requires different software (kernal) to make them work as if I put my son sd card in my r4 it doesnt work and just says loading because the software needed is different. So maybe if u are having this problem make sure you have exactly the right software for the r4 that you have. Cheers

restoring deleted games-Help!!

My son has deleted his favourite game and we don't know how to get it back.We've plugged the card into pc and the game is still listed but i have'nt the foggiest how to get it back onto his R4.Anyone have any ideas?

If you still have the

If you still have the downloaded file on your computer, you can simply copy it and paste it into the game folder on his micro sd card. You may see a game listed with .sav after it. That is not the game file, that is the information saved from his game - his levels, characters, etc. That .sav fileis necessary to continue his games, but you need the game file to play it. If you don't have the game file on your computer, you'll need to go back to the website you got it originally from and download it agian.

Hope it helped,


I wanted to know if we're using the r4, can it be link with other ds players? I was trying to connect with others but it didnt detect it

My DS Lite can't read file types !

I have just bought an R4 v3 and have loaded all the software onto it and a couple of games but when I try to play them it says ' cannot read .RAR files or .ZIP files'
.What am I doing wrong ?

You need to uncompress the .RAR or .ZIP

You need to uncompress the .RAR or Zip file and then move the .NDS file in them onto your R4 before you can use it. Use 7-zip, it's a free program and it supports just about every compression format known to man. Download 7-Zip here:
Hope that helps.


I have just bought an r4 card for my kids its loaded with about 50 games the first few games we played we created a sav file now it wont save any more games as it says no more memory left its a 2gb card so we can only play 5 games out of the 50! is this normal?

games on the R4

I'm sure someone has responded to this by now but...

Just take a couple of the games you loaded off of the memory card. It will then have room for the save files you need to play each game. I put around 35 games on a 2gig card for my kids. There is plenty of room for the games, saves, and a couple mp3s.

Hope this helps

Menu loads fine, select any game, and nothing loads...freezes

I have been using this for 2 months now and no problems. My son was playing happily today and restarted it to select a different game. The menu of games loaded fine as always, but when he selected any game to play it said "Loading... and froze. It would not load the game as it always does.
I tried restarting a few times and even waiting for a prolonged period and same problem.
I then backed up everything and formatted my MicroSD and reloaded but I get the same problem.
This is not the initial Loading issue of the R4 cartridge that everyone gets, this is after I select a game to play. I can select the Moonshell nds and it is fine.

Can someone tell me what I need to do?



Frozen R4

I had this problem on my R4 a couple of weeks ago - it seemed to happen when I removed the card from my PC without properly ejecting it.
What I did was copy, one by one, the SAV files off the R4DS then deleted them off the R4, and restarted my DS until the R4 card worked again. I then knew which .SAV file was causing me trouble.
I then deleted the new .SAV file off the R4, copied back the original .SAV file and lo and behold it all worked fine!! The problem game for me was Professor Layton, but it could be just fluke and that any game could have cause this problem.

I get this too

loaded a few games onto the R4 and the menu loads but sometimes the game freezes during loading. I can noramlly switch the game on and off and it works fine.

Did you find a way to stop this happening


can anybody help me . i read so many forums saying that i can use a 8 gb sdhc chip if i download different firmware version1.25 , guess what no deal is there any way to get thru this or am i wasting my time and should i switch back too my 2 gb card? thx tucker..,

[email protected]

You have to get a newer

You have to get a newer version of a flash cart, you most likely have the older version of a R4. The Newer R4s support bigger sd cards like 8gb up to 16gb

Why is it that no-one can

Why is it that no-one can read the posts above? Everyone is asking the same questions and should know by now that you need an English Version II R4 with a 2GB micro SD card - I use Kingston.

If you cannot work out how to get it to work by reading the posts above then maybe you should just go and buy one from someone who puts all the games and everything on for you.

Are people really that thick? I managed to get mine to work straight away and have never had any problems since

Oh and I had someone brought one to me today and I noticed that someone hadn't even unzipped one of the games so it wasn't in the right format to be recognised....

Just leave it to the experts, stop trying to mess around with something if you haven't got a clue...

Dont be mean

Why is it that "experts" area always quick to degrade people in the video game cliques? "Are people really that thick"? No, people are not that thick, they just have lives, and want the benifits of something they purchase, but do not have the time to sit on a computer for hours trying to figure it out. I'm guessing whoever posted this is an overweight, mid-twenties guy that has more than one computer, an obsession with some Japanamation cartoon, was made fun of in highschool, and has skid marks on his whitey tighties. Am I right? Thought so.

Just leave these posts to people who can respond to questions without being pretencious, or, in your case, just plain dumb. Keep doing what you do (being a nerd) and let the real experts respond to these posts. Real experts that come to this site for information, and to teach others how to properly use things like the R4.



Alright, so I spent I don't know how many hours trying to get this thing to work, but was always stuck with the "LOADING SCREEN".

After reading all it says here and all over the web I realized there are a few different R4 cards and there is different software for each one. Mine is R4 Deluxe and it needs special software you can download via this link

Make sure you're Micro SD card is not formatted with FAT32.

I used a SanDisk 1 GB

So for everyone who has R4 Deluxe

1. Download firmware R4 from
2. Create a folder f.e. 'Games' and put your downloaded games there.
3.Do what the guy does in the first video above!

Hopefully my input helped somebody! If I would have known how much mental effort this would take I would have never signed up for this R4 revolution thing.

Thanks bro. I spent about an

Thanks bro. I spent about an hour trying to get it to work. I read your post, and bam! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had the same problem and followed every single step and what do you know, it worked!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Thanks so much... so many people with this problem, no useful help..... until you.
Thanks 1,000,000

Cheats in chinese

I'm trying to use the AR cheats on my R4DS Ultra & when I press (y) on a game with cheats, the list comes up but it's all in Chinese. (The CHEAT.dat file is the latest one from gbatemp) Can anybody help?????..........PLEASE

it might be because your r4

it might be because your r4 is actually a clone of the original not sure tho
here are a list of r4 clones (look at the last one):
R4DS Upgrade-II
New R4
R4 Deluxe
R4 Advance
R4 Pro
and R4 Ultra

and im not lying. all of the names come form wikipedia

Everything works, except.

MARIO KART!!!! my favorite game. Every other game works, but when I try to load mario kart, it just freezes. help me T_T

Menu loads fine, select any game, and nothing loads...freezes

I think I have the same problem, only for all my games now. Mine has been working fine for 2 months and today my son was playing and he restarted it to play a different game. The menu of games loads up fine but no matter what game he chooses it says "Loading..." and freezes. All of a sudden. This is not the initial Load Freezing problem most people are complaining about, this is after the games are read off the MicroSD and loaded and displayed in the menu.

I tried waiting and restarted a few times but same result. The MoonShell.nds is fine.
I then backed up my MicroSD, formatted it, and copied everything over and I get the same problem.

Anyone seen this and have any suggestions?


hi ive got a r4 but i didnt

hi ive got a r4 but i didnt recieve a disc, so ive tried to download lots of different kernels but everytime i put my r4 into my ds it says "couldnt find _DS_MENU.DAT" on the top screen...
what do i have to do to???
please help im lost!!

ds menu dat

your r4 wont work witout a kernel but go on utube and type eg- r4 setup some will have links to kernels then download the english open it up open the system 1.11 or later whatever it says then drag and drop ds menu dat file to your r4 simple hope it works. if not get a new r4 sorry mate

For You All

When you buy an R4, look on its box, it should have the address of the web site where you can download the right OS. Its no good installing V1.18 on a R4SDHC it wont work.

There are many R4's out there, copies of copies :) get the right program for your R4.

Use the Panasonic MicroSD card formatter, DO NOT USE YOUR PC !

Install the system first BEFORE you put anything else on, boot it up, let it make its SYS file before you add games.

Make a folder on your SD card called Games, put all your games in there.

Make a folder called Movies, put all your converted movies in there.

Moonshell must be setup for the R4, get the full program, it comes with movie converter and a program to make thumbnails for your pictures.

Use Kingston microsd, dont use crap memory cards
The standard R4 can use upto 2Gb while the R4SDHC suppose to work up to 32GB, if you can play movies when you have gone over 4Gb, then your R4 only supports 4Gb

There are so many R4's out there, and they all have the right programs, most cannot be used on other cards

Latest R4 (Original) V1.18 max 2Gb MicroSD
Latest R4SDHC V1.25 use 4Gb microSD

Both support themes (1 for each month) = 12
Moonshell 1.7 run setup and select R4 you make your files.


Now add these folders if you want them

Press all DS buttons for reset

No Loading to loading

ok i was stuck with the loading screen after upgrading the the kernal (system folder, moonshl folder, ds menu.dat file, ds_mshl.nds file in the file i downloaded from the r4 website it also included a file called ds_menu.ini. I tried to load the r4 cartridge and got stuck on the loading screen, I have a standard non HC sd card 2gb. this was version 1.20.

After reading this I downloaded R4DA version 1.18 Patched.rar. which upon extracting the files from the .rar folder i saw that it did not include the file called ds_menu.ini. Only containing the following

_system_ (folder)
moonshl (folder)

so I copied these 4 onto my micro 2gb sd card, and deleted the ds_menu.ini file. Put the micro sd card into my R4 cartridge slapped it into the back of the ds lite thinking ok this don't work must be a connection problem with the sd to cartridge or its corrupted somehow.
Powered up the ds lite and voila loading then the r4 menu opened up.

Hope this helps seems the ds_menu.ini file causes a problem with some versions of the r4 cartridge.

No loading to loading

On my new DS lite, the set up described worked. I have a SanDisk 2GB card on a R4. I had to reformat to FAT instead of FAT32 before loading the patched RDS file. I found it at

Thanks man. That is exactly

Thanks man. That is exactly correct. after reading yours I got it work. Thanks a lot man.

Loss of DS Games on R4 Card. Please Help

PLEASE can anyone help? My son has been happily playing on his DS with his R4 card, then this morning all the games have vanished!! The DS recognises the card as it comes up with the 3 icons but when you go into the games menu - nothing! I have checked the SD card via the USB and all games are listed. Please someone help me. Thank you. Nicki

My son did the same - I

My son did the same - I found that he had somehow put his games into the system folder so wouldn't read from the ds, using the usb on the computer open the folder where the games are located and open the drive your usb is in - then drag them over (as a folder) making sure they don't go into another folder again!! Hope this helps!!

R4 dilemmas

I hear and share your pain everyone, but I have finally cracked the secret code with troublesome R4s. I have the older one that takes the 1.18 kernel I downloaded. Firstly, I had a two dodgy 2GB - they were Toshibas. I now have Kingston's and no more probs. Secondly, I have put some card in behind the R4 as someone suggested here to assist the connection and has worked fine ever since. Thirdly, delete the "English" folder but keep the subdirectorys and copy it onto the card. Make a new folder in the root DIR, along with _system_ & moonshl folders called "game" and copy your games into it. Once your card is in the console, press the left hand icon. Use the cross to scroll down to "game". Press "A" button to select. Use the cross to scroll down to disired game. Press"A" to select. Tap "OK" to load SAV file and your reday to play. Hope this helps a lot of people, but if saves someone a whole precious day trying to figure it for themselves, then I feel better!

8G micro SDHC

Could someone please help me? I bought an R4 SDHC 8G (microsdhc) and like you others all I get is the Loading screen (after loading all the software) I was Just wondering if it is compatible with my Ds Lite or not. If so d i need different software and where can I get it. If not am I better off getting a normal R4 2G one

Some please help as its killing me!!!!!

The firmware for the R4DS is

The firmware for the R4DS is not the same as the R4DS SDHC.
You probably have the wrong firmware installed.

You can get the correct firmware for your R4ds SDHC on this site (ver 1.25).
Just unzip it onto the root of your card and it should work fine.

Were you able to resolve

Were you able to resolve this as I have the same problem

please help

I did everything you did when i put the games in and when i get to the page with the directory folder i press A and it shows ../ and i dont know what to do.

Please move all new questions to the R4 Forum

Hi all -- This thread is getting crazy long and a bit confusing to follow. Please direct all new questions and answers in the R4 Forum:



I have got an R4 card which

I have got an R4 card which I bought with the software and games on. I followed everyones way to delete and download new games on to it it has worked fine until today when it said sdtf error. I have tried formatting it but it says windows cant format any ideas.....

i was wondering when the r4

i was wondering when the r4 starts is it possible to go back to the regular screen like the screen without the r4 chip? or do u have to take it out...i was just wondering cuz we have 2 ds's and some of the games require u to download and play so i was just wondering?


Hello this is a bit strange problem , I have an r4 ds card with 2gb memory and it works perfectly fine, i then went and got a r4ds with 2gb memory for my cousin for christmas . I copied all my software and games onto my cousins memory card and then put it in her 'supercard' and put it into my ds and it didnt work, yet when i put her memory card into my supercard it worked? :S

finally the new games work!

Finally the new games that I downloaded for my r4 ds lite works. ( I used to get a message "save file cannot found, turn off power and reinsert card)
For those people who are having same problem, here's what you should do.
1. Download Winrar if you don't have it yet. then save to your file, name it "ds games" or whatever you like. (easy to find the program later on)
2. Download the new version of R4 kernel 1.18, make sure it's the english version if your are using the english version before. (
3. Insert your memory card into the micro reader and into your usb port and open. Just in case, copy your games and if you have ds theme copy all into your computer (copy and paste into your computer.) Just in case there's something happen during download.
4. Open the DS game file, where you had put the new kernel. It should say "English-1.18 WinRAR archive" double click to open it, under "English" double click to open. There should be 4 files in there. (system, moonshl, _DS_MENU.DAT AND _DS_MSHL.NDS) Drag all or one at the time these file into your memory card. It will ask you if you want to change the file, just click "YES" to all.
That should do it. I hope I am able to help you guys. Enjoy playing!

Save File Not Found

In our case the problem of "Save file not found, turn off power, etc.." is with only one game on the R4DS, other ROM's work fine. We tried re-installing kernel 1.18 all the same, but still get same error with this particular game. Have tried a different download of the .nds file, but no different. Any ideas?

deleted root directory on ds nintendo r4

Hi sorry to bother you, but i have a problem and i have been searching for days to corrct it with no luck. and it looks like you might know a little something about it. I have stupidly deleted the root directory on the r4 card for the ds, and as i am very new to computers i have no idea how to restore it. i am so sorry for bothereing you, but i am at a total loss. regards faye

R4 card works in one DS and not another

Can anyone help me please. I bought my 2 kids a DS each for Christmas. The R4 card works perfectly on my daughters turquoise one but my sons red on just says "No DS card inserted". Both DS's were bought from game. ANY IDEA'S PLEASE

Hi - did you get a response

Hi - did you get a response to this problem from any other source as we today are faced with the exact same problem. It seems to have stumped both us and the person who collated the R4 for us. It wont play on my daughters 6 week old pink DS but will play on the brand new one I have bought my parents as a gift.

If any one else can cast any light on this it would be greatly appreciated. - Many thanks

U might want to put a shim

U might want to put a shim or a piece of paper so the R4 fits snuggly inside the DS

That actually worked!! I

That actually worked!! I can't believe it. I had an R4 that worked perfect in my DS Lite but wouldn't play in the older DS and I tried all of the software options menioned everywhere...... put in a piece of paper (and the original software) -- VOILA -- unbelievable!! :-))) So happy. MANY THANKS.

Frustration - why doesn't this work

I just bought an RD which says that it is SDHC capable. It came without the CD so I've downloaded the _system_ folder, moonshl folder, _DS-MSHL.NDS file, _R4_III Dat file, _DS_MENU file and copied them over to the root directory of a newly formated SD card. (I'd previously downloaded the R4 V1.18 kernel but that didn't work either). All I can get is a dark screen that says "Loading...". I've tried with SD and SDHC cards.
I can't believe this company does such a poor job and ships incomplete product. People bitch about Microsoft - at least my PC worked when I brought it home!!
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Some people...!

Firstly the R4 cards do exactly what they should. The software and hardware is sound.

Its simply that you cannot understand how to work out minor technical instuctions.

I just cannot believe your attitude, you obviously intend to pirate, game, music, movies for use with the card. If you dont want the headache go and BUY the stuff from the shop, i am sure they will offer you after sales service.

I work in the games industry, I understand that some piracy is inevitable but people like you that moan about these issues seem so TAKE TAKE TAKE. It really gets my back up.

Be fustrated at yourself.

blank loading screen

you have an r4 version III
this is not the same card as an r4 version 2
google r4 version III firmware
download and copy onto your micro sd card

R4 "Loading" error

All, I have found this error (Loading) on 1 of the 6 R4's I brought from Thailand. All the others worked fine expect this one that brings up this error. I've tried everything updated SW \ Changing memory cards - still same error. Can someone confirm if a FIX is available for this or should i just give up and BIN IT !!!.

solution for problem with R4 SDHC cards

I had the same problem with 4Gb SDHC card ==> only showing the message "Loading..."
From the site I downloaded new kernel version 1.25
The 4Gb SDHC card works fine now.

download URL

Frustration-why doesn't this work

Hello frustrated one,
I'm just wondering if you have downloaded the winrar software or file because when I tried downloading a new game before having the winrar in my computer and new version of kernel, i have that message "loading......" forever !so try this, hopefully it will help.
By the way most r4ds doesn't come with CD because new kernel or other files version are always changing so to cut the cost of making useless cd to not have it all. So this is not really incomplete product just that the website you purchase your R4 did not tell you about it. "purchased doesn't come with cd" most website charge you for the cd alone. Just letting you know.
That's all. Let me know if my suggestion works. Have a nice day!

my r4 card worked great when

my r4 card worked great when i got it my ds broke and now when i put it in my new one it comes up chinese writing i formatted and its still the same please help


every 1 i have read pretty much all of these comments and if you guys botheed to do the same you would see thatyou are all asking the same questions!

yes some things have not been asked but alot of it is repetition .. just read through some of the comments already here b4 you panick and leave a comment..

just to sum up for the hundredth time .. lol ..

as far as we KNOW: r4 micrsd HC does NOT work with nintendo ds lite .. and 4gb are pretty much ALWAYS HC!!!

advice: stick with 2bg as that works and is not HC !

you can ave like 50 games on 2 gb and is enough for me .. you could alwats buy two and put more games on that if u waned 100! :p

if you get stuck on the LOADING screen.. then check your card .. it is most likely you have a micros sd HC! << these dont work remember .. return it for just a mcro sd .. these usually only go up to 2 gb!

as for the new game downloads not working .. some 1 has said previously that you need to download a newer software for it to play the games.. they put a link for it aslwell.. scroll down ad have a look :)

hope this helps guys .. i know reading this page helped my loading problem :p

thanx xox

ds lite does support 4gb sdhc

R4 V2 only supports 1gb & 2gb micro sd

R4 V3 supports any *gb providing its micro sdhc

Both work with nds lite

Both work with kernal 1.21 (english) you can download this from *** nds


loading .........loading 5 minutes loading............ THIS normally caused by 4 things

1 . R4 and/or SD/SDHC Card needs re-inserting more firmly
2. The software has become corrupt or copied incorrectly onto your sd/sdhc card (RE DOWNLOAD, RE EXTRACT, DELETE THE SOFTWARE FROM YOUR SD/SDHC CARD, DO NOT PASTE OVER THE TOP, RE-COPY SOFTWARE
3. Incorrect R2, R3, SD, SDHC, combination
4. Faulty R2, R3, SD, SDHC, there are alot of re-productions

I always use scandisk 4gb sdhc ebay £4.50 and always use r2 v3 £9.00 and have always managed a succesful installation.

i have used others previously r2 v2, mars, 2gb kingston sd, and still managed to get it to work.

Hope this helps.

worked once but not again!!

i got the kingston 4gb SDHC and it worked it fine!!
i put like 80 games on it and i was playing it and having a ball.
i then decided that i would delte some games and put new ones on.
bad decision!!
when i put the SDHC back into the computer, the folder said that it was empty but when i tried to put the files on it again it said there was not enough space and ive already taken up 3. something gigs.
so im guessing that the files are invisible or something.
and when i tried putting it back onto m DS lite i got the loading screen aswell!!!
i got so angry :(
what a waste of money!!
it worked once but it doesnt work now.
if anyone had resolved this problem please contact me ASAP!!!

I think that you have to

I think that you have to format the micro sd everytime you're gonna delete games. Once that's done you add the firmware again and put all the games you want. Make sure you copy the saves somewhere so you can put them back once the format is done.

yes but......

that would would but the games are GONE and also....
i CANT put on the firm thingy because i dont have 'enough space' (even though theres nothing on it)!!!
please help!




Have you tried putting the (smaller) micro SD card into the little slot in the DS card? That would help...

i have just got a 8gb sd and

i have just got a 8gb sd and it will not even load onto 1st screen, anybody know what is wrong with my R4 or SD

The moonshell 1.17 firmware

The moonshell 1.17 firmware or watever that is, works in my r4 with 8gb Micro SD HC.
The 1.18 gets stuck in the loading screen.

your 8g sd card wont work

You can only use a 1G or a 2G sd card or it wont work

hope it helps :)

Some games won't play...

Could someone help me? I have an R4 and I downloaded some games into it, but the latest games that I've downloaded won't work. It keeps telling me that it's unable to read the game card and to turn the power off and try again. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or do I need to buy a new R4?

answer to why downloaded games on r4 dont work

you have to make sure when you download a game that it is a NDS. file if not it will not work on the r4 the nintendo ds only supports NDS. files if you want any more help just post your questions

Updating R4 firmware

Did you manage to fix your R4? I have the same troubles. Some games work, some dont. I tried to click on link but it didnt work!

You need to update your firmware

Your R4 is fine. You just need to update your firmware to the latest. Grab the lastest r4 firmware here:

My son has been playing

My son has been playing happily on her ds lite with the r4 card up until today - he played a game boy advance on his ds lite and after finishing playing the game boy advance game he tried playing his r4 card - the r4 card will no longer load. Can anyone help as to why the r4 card will no longer play on his ds lite (the r4 card is able to load on another ds lite without any problems so it looks like the problems is with his ds lite)

r4 in ds not loading

Hi, just got over same problem with my daughter's r4 that she got on Christmas day.... worked once then not again...
Simple solution is the contacts not contacting..... put in piece of paper or card under the r4 to lift the contacts into place.... some said thin paper, some said double it... I needed to use double Christmas card weight....
good luck... you too can be your child's hero!!

Thanks a million 1 happy boy

Thanks a million 1 happy boy this worked a treat.


Same happened to my daughters, tried the piece of card and now all working fine - thankyou very much.


I've also resolved my problem with a small piece of a credit card !!!

Unfortunatley I thought that the problem was on the R4 card and i bought a 2nd card :-((

Thks a lot :-)

Maybe the slot is dirty?

If the R4 works in a different DS, then it's definitely your son's DS that has the problem. Try to use some compressed air and blow out the cartridge slot... you know, like the old days with the NES cartridges. :)


i recently recieved an R4 from a friend that was leaving to go to Korea. i have no idea how to download these games into it


I have a Sandisk Flash Adapter.. would that work as an R4?

R4 Ultra with SDHC for only $7!!!

Check out this crazy deal for the R4! It's for the R4DS with SDHC (meaning it supports up to 32mb) for only $7 with FREE shipping! Can't get any better than this.

Connecting RD4 to PC

Hi Folks

Do I just take out the MicroSD card and connect it directly to my PC? I connect the MicroSD chip into a card reader and then from the card reader to my PC (Windows XP) via a USB connection. The PC does not recognize the MicroSD. Am I missing something? Putting the R4 back into my DS, it plays fine.

Thanks in advance

where to buy in uk

Hi I'd love to try one of these but dubious to buy at this stage especially abroad where can I get one in the UK


When I downloaded [R4DS Kernel 19 English], I replaced the DS_MENU.DAT and DS_MENU.SAV. Then I booted my DS up with the R4DS cardridge with the MicroSD Memory Card in the R4DS cardridge. When the R4DS loaded, it says something in Chinese. I putted back the MicroSD Memory Card into the MicroSD USB. When I opened My Computer, I clicked onto the USB icon. Then a dialog asked me if I wanted to format my MicroSD Memory Card. Then I clicked 'Yes'. It said that it cannot be formated. Does anybody know what I can do without throwing away any of my R4DS stuff and/or get a new R4DS?

how to fix the loading problem and how to make it work in genera

hey listen, first u need to format the 2 or 4gb memory to ntfs but keep in mind that some 4gb memory do not work at all. so, 2gb are better even if they can support 4gb. then you need to download the firmware if you dont have a cd. here is the main site " " without the quotes. once u finish downloading it just unrar the file with Winrar, then copy all the files and folders to R4 memory. After that, make a folder on the memory and name it games or anything u want. Any games u download put it inside the game folder which you created yurself. Remember formating the memory is more important then anything or it wont work. then insert ur memory on ur ds and it should work.

If any problems email me I can help you.

Problems LOADING

Hi i saw your thread about being able to help. I am having real problems loading the r4 into my ds. I have done everything that you stated, i formatted the Micro SD and then downloaded the latest firmware/kernel, i then created a folder named games, i then put the card into my ds and it just displays LOADING and i have left it for over half hour and it still does nothing. pLEASE CAN YOU HELP

have an r4 with the latest

have an r4 with the latest firmware games work fine, ipod skin works plays all sound, but multimedia when clicked on has error message, not enouch memory, need to format hard drive , reinstall moonshell, did all these things still has the error message, trying to put video in, alreadly converted the file,


I wanted to invest in a couple of these for my kids but you guys make it sound so complicated and I'm afraid of all this moonshell and stuff, where do I go to buy this and what is the easiest way with the most complete package. btw my kids are 6 and 8, so they are not computer whizzes just yet.


I have got a 2G MicroSD and have downloaded all the correct software for the R4 but it keeps saying "Loading.."...
I really need help as its so fustrating..has anyone found how to fix it? Help please!


you have to update the firmware for the card,you must have a sdhc which you will need 5 files instead of 4 for the card to work

i have the exact same

i have the exact same problem. is it because there are two types of cards the r4 revolution for ds and the r4 revolution 3 for ds. i have the r4 3 and cannot pass the loading screen do i need different software?


Ive got the same problem with the loading page please help,cheers

Loading Problems

I've used a 2GB forever and finally deceided to open the 4GB i had setting around. wouldn't work for some reason, kept getting the "Loading" screen like you all said. Spent an hr looking around for fix, even tried copying my 2GB files over to it just incase of corruption, no go. So found the R4 v1.23 kernel on another R4 Site, tried it. No go. Came here and read a little and put 1 & 1 together and deceided to look into this SDHC stuff. Before I even went any further, I took the card out of my R4 and said 'Oh poop!' ....u guessed it, I had a Micro SDHC and as we all have read, the HC versions don't work on these. If they do, someone should post what the did to get them to work. By the way, v1.23 is used for SDHC cards and it doesn't work on this version of R4. Hope that helps. "Look at your micro SD card and if it says Micro SDHC, then better go get a different one >.<"

moonshell v1.20

where can you download Moonshell v1.20


hey i need sum seriouse help ive just bought 6 R4 SDHC revoloution cards but i cant make them work and i did not recieve a cd with my package ... im going out of my mind and i think im going to break down and cry....... please somebody help me... thanks x


The simple way is to make sure that the root directory of the card contains the files from the CD.
The root dir should hold:

_system_ - Folder
moonshl - Folder

This is for the V2, the v3 is similar though, but with slightly differing file names.

You can then make a dir called games and drop roms into there, or the roms will also work from the root dir.

The root dir is the card itself, with no folders made inside it.

If you open up your card in windows and you have to click a folder to see the files I have mentioned, you've done it wrong.

You have to make sure they are the first files you see when you open the card in windows!

Hope this gives you aids.

r4 same problem

i have the 2 files and the the 2 folders but still all i get is the loading screen when i put it in the ds

what am i missing, i have the r4 REVOLUTION FOR THE DS (NDSL/NDS)



@ i am having problems with the games.... almost all games i download and put into the R4 say saved file cannot be found. turn off the system and reinsert the cartridge.. is there some type of update?

There is a 1.19 patch which is unofficial. You can download it at

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