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R4DS - R4 Revolution for DS (Nintendo DS Lite blank cartridge!)

We've recently stumbled upon this slick doo-hicky called the R4 Revolution for Nintendo DS/Lite. The R4DS is basically a blank cartridge for the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite. The R4 uses any microSD flash memory card (up to 4GB according to the official site, but 2GB is recommended, does not support microSDHC) for storage. This means you can put music, videos and ROMs onto the microSD, plug it into the R4 and play them on your Nintendo DS! There are NES, SNES, TurboGrafx16, Genesis (and many more) emulators available for the Nintendo DS. You could possibly walk around with all of your favorite console games from the past 2 decades on your Nintendo DS!

UPDATE: There's been a lot of changes since this blog entry was published on 01/20/08. The orginal R4 is still for sale, but a few clones have popped up on the scene that supports the bigger microSD card like the 4GB, 8GB and 32GB microSDHC! With a 32GB microSD, you'll be able to carry around the last few decades worth of games on 1 cartridge. Note: all the cards listed below uses different software. To find the software for your specific R4 card, check the links @ the bottom of the vendor's page after you click on one of the R4 links below. Here are the different types of R4 cards:

WiiLoveMario recommends the following reputable R4 vendors. All offer FREE shipping (except Amazon).

Click on the tabs below to see all R4 vendors:

R4DS Buyer's Guide

Select one of the R4 vendors from the tabs above to see prices for the R4s. If you're not sure which one you want to buy, then head over to our new R4 Guide. This guide will help you decide which R4 will work best for you. We also provide Installation Help and Firmware Download for all the different version of R4s.

R4 Revolution for Nintendo DS Guide
Click here to see the
R4 DS Guide
R4DS (Original)
R4 DS Original
R4DS Blister
R4 DS Blister (Barebone package)
R4 III Upgrade
R4 DS version III Upgrade
R4DS Ultra
R4 SDHC Upgrade
R4i (R4DSi)
Gold R4i
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R4DS cartridges for Nintendo DS and DS Lite  
Genuine R4DS without microSD (you need a microSD to use the R4). $7.95 w/FREE Shipping
Genuine R4DS with 2GB microSD $17.95 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS for Nintendo DSi (also works with DS and DS Lite)  
R4i Ultra with 4GB Kingston microSDHC(comp. w/ DSi v1.4 firmware) $31.52 w/FREE Shipping
R4i SDHC with 4GB Kingston microSDHC (comp. w/DSi v1.4 firmware) $33.85 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS cartridges for Nintendo DS and DS Lite  
Genuine R4DS without microSD (you need a microSD to use the R4). $7.95 w/FREE Shipping
Genuine R4DS with 2GB microSD $17.95 w/FREE Shipping
R4DS for Nintendo DSi (also works with DS and DS Lite)  
R4i Ultra with 4GB Kingston microSDHC(comp. w/ DSi v1.4 firmware) $31.52 w/FREE Shipping
R4i SDHC with 4GB Kingston microSDHC (comp. w/DSi v1.4 firmware) $33.85 w/FREE Shipping

R4 Revolutions features:

  • 2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
  • Flush fitting slot 1 card
  • Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32
  • Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game
  • Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
  • Built in NoPass
  • Automatically detect save type
  • Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip
  • Supports Moonshell and other homebrew. Open I/O interface
  • User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation
  • Supports rumble pak and memory pak
  • Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
  • Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface
  • Support Skin DIY by setting background and font colors on Main Menu and Game Menu manually and automatically
  • Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment ( DS Lite only )
  • Supports the Soft Reset.
  • Supports Action Replay cheat
  • moonshell 1.6 support Software Reset function( Press START key back to the R4 menu)
  • DLDI auto-patching
  • Full download play support


THE DOES NOT HAVE SDHC Support. Hopefully it will with the newer firmware. 4gb microSD/TF cards do work, just not SDHC ones.

Here's a video of the R4 Revolution in action:

So you've read the features, watched the video and decided to order one. Here are a few freely distributed ROMs to test your new R4 Revolution:

Dev-Scene has a nice NDS section with downloads to DSLinux, IRC and IM clients. Check them out here.

To play videos on your DS, you'll need the Moonshell tools. Here's a good link with download to Moonshell and Moonshell DPG Tools. There's a nice tutorial on how to get video on your DS here.
UPDATE: If you need a more Mario friendly R4 Skin, get them here. Link to official R4DS site: If you're looking for R4 .sav files, here's a site that will convert any save to a .SAV file for you: If you're looking for some Nintendo DS ROMs, we don't have any! BUT there are plenty of people that store their collections online. Copy and Paste the following search string into a Google search and you'll find all sorts of NDS roms!

Copy and Paste the following string into a Google search box: {-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" +"last modified" +"parent directory" +description +size +(nds|rom) "mario"}

Here is the v1.18 firmware since the official R4DS site seems to have problems staying up. Download the R4DS v1.18 firmware: English-1.18.rar
Have fun! :) Super Mario Bros.



R4DS - R4 Revolution for DS (Nintendo DS Lite blank cartridge!)


It's all in Japanese can

It's all in Japanese can anyone else help please, I can't get any new games on my R4 & it's really annoying, none of the new games work. Please advise, thank you.

thats because you havent

thats because you havent played it yet..of course there is no save file found you should just be able to press A or w/e it is to continue and then you can play the game and when you go to play it again it wont come up I should know because I have owned an R4DS for about a year or so now and it works great.

i owned mine for well over a

i owned mine for well over a year and lately the games are not working.. it is obvious u have to create a SAV file before u play the game by pressing A (ok) but when i go that right away it says the error

thanks anyway

new patch

it is asking for a user name and pass to connect... what are we supposed to put in?

i am having problems with

i am having problems with the games.... almost all games i download and put into the R4 say saved file cannot be found. turn off the system and reinsert the cartridge.. is there some type of update?


Hey out there, I just bought an R4 SDHC and have no idea what to do next... I put the little cd in my computer and it lists a bunch of files... there are no instructions came with a microSD USB and a micro SD to SD Adapter an 8 GB storage and the R4 for the DS. What do I do now? The only thing I know is that the 8GB storage goes into the R4. Is there anyone out there who will walk me through getting this working PLEASE.
Thank you

Starting up games on the r4ds.

I have 11 roms on my r4 but everytime i click one the screen turns either white or black.
How can I fix this problem?

Trouble With Games

I recently bought an R4, and when i downloaded some games into it , (after extracting the files) i pout my R4 into my DS.Lite and press the game, it says Could Not Read Data.Turn Off Power and reinsert game card, or something like that, can you please tell me what is wrong?

I am having the exact same

I am having the exact same problem...

No one can help answer this?

To all the people having

To all the people having loading issues you need MOONSHELL v1.20 the newer R4 cards with SDHC support wont run on V1.18

moonshl wont work on 8gb card

I am running the 1.22 Kernal on 1gb and 2gb cards and moonshl works great and I can play mp3's and movies.
On my new Sandisk 8gb SDHC card DS lite games load and run OK but the menu screen is blank apart from a single flashing square and when I click where the centre multimedia square should be, I get an error message asking if the moonshl folder has been moved or deleted. Does anyone know the cause and remedy?

moonshl wont work on 8gb card

I am running the 1.22 Kernal on 1gb and 2gb cards and moonshl multimedia works great and I can play mp3's and movies.
On my new Sandisk 8gb SDHC card DS lite games load and run OK but the menu screen is blank apart from a single flashing square and when I click where the centre multimedia square should be, I get an error message asking if the moonshl folder has been moved or deleted. Does anyone know the cause and remedy?


where can i download MOONSHELL v1.20 i have tried searching it in google.

where can you download

where can you download MOONSHELL v.1.20?

R4 skins/themes

How do you change the skin/theme?? when i downloaded the game, the skins came with it but it automatically went into "_system_", "skins"


Just press "select" at the main screen. (where you choose either games, the music symbol, and the two-faced dude.)

R4SHDC moonshell

I have just got an R4 SHDC, starts up ok with 2GB SDHC, loads games fine but when I go to run moonshell it just says "game loading". I have copied moonshl subfolder from 1.21 distribution and the .nds file to root folder. Any clues ?

what wrong with my r4

when i put the disc in my computer there is no system file but a file called English 3.02 i downloaded the latest files but the files dont have any thing what the heck is wrong. i downloaded the English version which has every thing i need inside the file but when i put it in my ds it keeps saying loading.... whats wrong


The R4 SDHC is out and it can now support up to 32GB (if you can find one).
I got a 4GB SDHC and its brilliant! although I do have some problems with the loading screen sticking. Any ideas?

R4 for ds

I have loaded everything on including games, but just says LOADING... ???
Have i missed something? I am using it on her DS NOT DS Lite - is that the trouble?
Please help?

It is needed

Moonshell is needed for it to work properley

Loading problem with R4 III

You need to download the new update "R4-III v3.03 kernel (English) 2008-9-11" from
Format your micro sd card and then extract the downloaded file and copy all files to your micro sd card.
After this copy your ds rom to the root directory of the card.
Insert in the ds lite and after a couple of seconds you will see the R4 menu, click the icon on the left to see the list of roms installed.


Do you need that moonshell thing to play games?

No, Moonshell is not needed

No, Moonshell is not needed to play games, its used to play mp3s and videos.

r4 soft wear disc

hi can any one email me with a download link so i can download the r4 softwear disc, thanks ken1

You can download the

You can download the software here:

r4 soft wear disc

hi can any one provide me with an r4 softwear disc that i can download please send link to my email address thanks, ken

R4 NDS - loading problem

When I put my R4 card into the DS (lite)with many games and the latest version of the software (V1.18) on the Micro Sd card it it keeps saying loading....

I previously purchased another R4 card (exactly the same) and that one works perfectly with the same sofware and games.

Can't understand this at all.

Can anyone please help me ?

Same Problem

I have the exact same problem. Can someone please help?

there are two r4 cards out

there are two r4 cards out one is r4 thee other is r4 sdhc which use diverant soft ware

loading games

hi, i set up my r4 loaded 20 games on it when i put it in nds there is only 2 games on the card is there something more i need to do

R4 works one DS but not the other

Are there different models of DS-Lites? My R4 works on one DS-Lite we purchased 2 months ago, but does not work on the DS-Lite we bought a year ago, the system does not even recognize the cartridge.

r4 sdhc works on one ds lite and not another.

I'm having the same problem i brought the r4sdhc with 2 kingston 2gb micro cards i brought from and they told me to download the r4sdhc v1.23 and i followed the instructions ( i have also watched videos on youtube) once i done that put the r4 sdhc into black nds lite it worked fine in my mums but put it into my black nds lite and it won't load i touch the screen and it says no ds card inserted me and my mum brought the nds lites at the same time. I've been playing professor layton that i got when we brought the nds lite and that works fine has anyone else had this problem and has solved it thks to anyone in advance that can help me.

r4 not working

try sliding a piece of card (like xmas card or similar)behind the card (the opposite side to the contacts)put the r4 in first,if this works then take it out and slide the piece of card under the metal cover (in between the metal and the plastic)if the card stops the put a smaller piece of card under the card again
hope this helps.
i had the same problem now works in both ds

R4DS site down - mirror site to download R4DS OS files

Not sure what's going on with the official R4DS site, but I downloaded the latest files here (newer than the files that come on the CD):

r4 card

when i insert my r4 card into my ds(lite)with all the files on it it keeps saying loading....

what am i doing wrong???
by the way it has 20 games on
plz help

R4 Card

Hi, Im having same problem... just keeps saying loading - did you find out what you were doing wrong?? HELP

Micro Sd For DS

R4 dosen't use 4 gig micro only 2 gig and works fine at that.

I need some help

My r4ds came with no disk! I downoaded BitComet 1.02 put games on it (2) but when i put my card in my ds it said no ds_meanu_dat or sumthing couldnt be found!!!

What do i do??
Do i need to add anything to my sd card or kernal??


Re:I neeed some help

The r4ds may come either as a blank card, or as one with vital data already loaded into it. This depends on where you got the card.
If it seys that the ds_menu.dat is missing, try going to the r4ds's homepage (, click on "english" at the top left of the screen. then, go to the downloads tab.
Click on the newest kernal (which I suppose is 1.18 right now, the one I have), and download it. When you get it, unzip everything inside it.

Plug your r4 microsd into the computer (may require additional attachment), and open its file.
Then, take your games (preferably in a convenient "Games" folder within the r4 chip), and temporarily move them somewhere safe.

If you already have most vital parts, and are missing just a few, you can see how the new kernal resembles the one you have. Copy everything from the new kernal you just downloaded and paste it in the same place where the one in your chip is (basicaly, the ROOT). Replace all files. (Note: if you didn't have these, and just have an empty card, you just copy and paste without the whole replacement bit)

Take your game folder and reinstitute them back at the ROOT.
Remove your chip 9following safety procedures)....Plug it into the blank cartridge...plug that into the DS...turn on the ds...and VOILA! it should work now :)

I just downloaded the newest

I just downloaded the newest Kernal 1.18 and I unzipped it using winrar. I put the files on my desktop, and when I try to drag them from my desktop, into the removeable disk [which is the microSD card] it says "this file is no longer located in[ blah blah....]please verify the items location and try again" everytime i try to put a file into the removeable disk, it says that those files aren't located wherever i just dragged them from. please help =/

omfg that was anoyying

so yeah i figured it out lmao i didnt have a disk come with it so i had to download the newest version of the download from the site which is posted on here a few times and from this person so hey that works i then had to unzip my download which was awesome you should have it unzip onto your desktop labeled as english open that folder copy everything into your thumb disk containing the chip that i feel like i could break at any moment and then you should be able to atleast have the damned prgram you need to even use your r4 on your ds some more people loveingly spoke of how to download games to it just download the game and place it in a games folder you make onto your thumb disk there ya go i dumbed it up for you lack of grammer and all

thank you for all your help i was able to piece it together one post at a time lmao

I've followed your

I've followed your instructions and numerous other instructions and no matter what I do and how many different things I try, in the end I still get the "Loading..." screen. Is it possible I just have a malfunctioning card?

Please, anyone who has had the "Loading..." screen issue, did you get yours to work?



Where to buy without coming to custom?

Im located in greece and i have found many sites where i can buy r4ds but there is all courier im trying to find a site witch i can buy r4ds in good price and can be shipped through country air/shipping mail.Can someone help me?

I use this and it's great!

I use this and it's great! There are over 2000 games to choose from and tonnes of homebrew (I recommend lameboy for GB/GBC, DS Organize for web browsing and Nitrotracker for music editing. Also, Pocket Physics is an EXCELLENT game - Nintendo would have made a lot of money with this idea!. You'd also think that a product like this will not have much support - that is so totally wrong!!! There are frequent updates of the " R4 kernel" that fix bugs encountered on games. Also, Rominator is great for organizing your games and there's a great website somewhere on google that converts to dpg (DS movie format)

I use a 2GB Sandisk M-SD and I've had no problems. I can hold 30-60 games on there, plus homebrew, plus a movie

CONS: Homebrew will require downloadable tools to make it function, no cheat support on mac, games become less addictive - when there are loads, you give up on games more easily.

I had other type ddst (or

I had other type ddst (or what ever it was my dtr washed so I the R4 I heard it just plug it and play. I have games on my microsd card it's a 2gb, The ds screen says couldn't find_DS_MENU.DAT what am I doing wrong?

M3 DS Real

Same company. Can use the SDHC cards up to 16GB. Also has PDA capabilities and same movie/mp3 capabilities. The movie player might not be as polished though. I got mine for $60 (including shipping and a 2gig card - I now have a 4gig SDHC) off of Amazon.

where can i get it in the U.S.A.

where can i get a R4 revolution in the U.S.? that is also in U.S. dollars

I preferred to get it local

I preferred to get it local within the USA as well.
My friend got his from so I gave it a shot since they had good merchant reviews....and walla ordered it Thursday received it Monday :)
They were the cheapest and I KNEW my friend's was genuine.
Here the link if you still need a genuine R4 (It was $24 w free shipping when I bought it):

You can get the R4

R4 are compatible with only 1gb and 2gb

i found out that all microSD cards with more then 2-gb are all SDHC(high capacity). there are no such thing as a microSDcard more then 2 gb without SDHC(high capacity). when i found out about this i was kinda sad that this is true so i just got a 2gb SDcard for my R4.


I got SNEmulDS to work, but it has some sound issues, and game menus seem to flash a lot
nesterd doesn't work at all.

Can anyone suggest some good emus for snes and nes to work on the DS? I have the R4 card,

Very nice. I picked mine up

Very nice. I picked mine up from but they only
ship within canada though.

In game Reset

The R4 has a neat feature where you can go back to the R4 menu without having to reset the DS. By pressing both L+R, and mashing X+Y+A+B (with your thumb) will bring you back to the R4 menu.

When you're on the R4 menu, press the R button to toggle the R from green to red.

Green = reset is ON
Red = reset is OFF

Type of 4GB MicroSD

Just wondering, I taught that 4GB MicroSD are all considered to be SDHC. So, does this mean that there are two type of 4GB MicroSD's? A regular one that is not labeled SDHC and the one that is labeled SDHC, if so where could I find/buy one?

4gb sd card

Yeah, I just bought one and I put all my crap on it and popped it into my r4. What a waste! I don't think it works unless I'm doing something wrong, though, I'm pretty sure I'm not. It's a 4 gb micro SDHC. For anyone who might want to pick up a 4 gb card, I'de say wait till someone finds one that works, otherwise, just stick with a 2 gb.

I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with a 4gb micro SDHC, just sticks on the loading screen.

Found one!

So after some Google'n, I found this non-SDHC 4gb microSD! Not sure if it'll work with the R4, but it is a 4GB microSD. If anyone can confirm that this infact works with the R4, please let us know. Until someone confirms that the following non-SDHC 4gb microSD works with the R4DS, I would stick with what works.. and thats the 2GB microSD flash memory card.

re: Type of 4GB MicroSD

Even though the official R4DS site ( says it supports 4GB TF MicroSD cards, I have yet to find one that is not SDHC. They seem to be very elusive or does not exist. I would just get the 2GB microSD to be safe.

Here's a clip from the R4DS FAQ:

Q: How many files can I have on the R4?
A: R4 Adapter supports 128MB~4GB TF(MicroSD) card , 4GB=32Gbit

Not loading

Hi, I stumbled on this site, but thought I would let you know what I know.

The R4 version 2 can only use up to Kernel Version 1.18. Although I have heard of an unofficial version 1.19. I don't know if this works.

The R4 Version 3 uses the newer versions, from 1.22 I think. This is now up to 1.25. I tried the latest version 1.23 a week or so, ago, this would not load, so I downgraded to 1.22, that worked fine. I have since tried 1.25 this works.

The R4 Version3 supports up to 8gb SDHC? cards.

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