Super Mario Bros.

Newer Super Mario Bros. available for download

New Super Mario Bros. for Wii has been out for a while now and if you've completed it and need some more NSMB to play, try NEWER Super Mario Bros. Newer Super Mario Bros. is an unofficial release by a bunch of Nintendo fans. For the past 3 years they've been adding new levels, new graphics and sounds, new bosses and all kinds of Mario goodness. If you have a Wii that's enabled to play homebrew games, the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game disc (US, EU or JP versions will work), SD card with a minimum of 570MB free, then you're ready to play!

Super Mario Bros. level 1-1 in stop motion

Someone had quite a bit of time on their hands. Check out this cool stop motion of Mario running through level 1-1. The animation style is pretty slick and I could see this being some weird, batzarro, version of SMB.

This is a Super Mario Bros. trick that every gamer needs to know!

Don't you hate it when that power-up mushroom falls into the void?! Here's a trick that every SMB fan needs to know.

Play all of your old school cartridges on one console: RetroN 5

If you're an old school gamer like us, you're going to love the RetroN 5; a 9 in 1 video game console. This all-in-one console will allow you to play NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom and GBA, Super Famicom, Megadrive, Game Boy Color and Game Boy. Not only will it play the cartridges, but it's also compatible with all original console controllers. Get those old cartridges out of storage because you'll be able to use them all on the RetroN 5! The RetroN 5 is due out sometime late summer and it'll only cost $99.

RetroN 5 features:

Flashcards that can play Nintendo 3DS games are on the way!

Nintendo 3DS owners rejoice! There's a flashcard on the horizon that'll allow you to play 3DS games (ROMs) on your Nintendo 3DS. Currently there are flashcards that can play DS games, but not 3DS. We will have more info on this device very soon. Stay tuned!

Supermarket employee of the month!

Here's a very creative supermarket employee. He was told to make the food look interesting and here's what he came up with. Kudos!

Super Mario Bros. dollar bill given as tip

We've all heard of people not giving tips or giving out fake money as tips, but this has to be the best tip ever given to a waiter! The anonymous tipper took a one dollar bill and drew level 1:1 on it. Check out this amazing work!

Mario Warfare (part 1 + bonus)

Mario WarfareHave you ever wondered what a real life Super Mario Bros. action movie would look it? Okay, maybe you have with this one, but we're talking about a new 2012 version of Super Mario Bros. Here is an awesome fan made film created by Micah Moore and Christopher G Moore of Beat Down Boogie - funded by Mario fans via Kickstarter. They've only created one episode so far and is looking for funding to continue the series. If you want to see more Mario Warfare episodes, then head over to their Kickstarter page and pitch in a few coins bucks.

Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System

Yes, you're reading this right: a portable version of the Retro Duo NES/SNES system. So now you can take your 8-bit NES and 16-bit SNES games on the road! The Retro Duo Portable Game System is pretty much the dream configuration for any retro gamer. Not only can you play solo, but it also hooks up to full-sized televisions as well. It also comes with two extension controllers enabling tag-team, two-player gaming.

Super Mario Bead 3 stop-motion video

Super Mario Bead 3 by lefvandebilder of Youtube is an awesome piece of stop motion video with our favorite character. Check out the Bakom Beads / Behind The Beads to see how it was all created. Neat stuff!

SPOILER: New Super Mario Bros. U - All Tower Boss Fights

If you're lucky enough to own the new Nintendo Wii U and New Super Mario Bros. U then you're a lot better off then us! :) We're still hoping Santa will bring us a Wii U for Christmas.

Giana Sisters are back and more beautiful than ever in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Giana Sisters: Twisted DreamsIf you owned a Commodore 64, Amiga or Atari ST back in the 80s, then most likely you're familiar with Great Giana Sisters, a Super Mario Bros. clone. We've written about Great Giana Sisters before and how it was resurrected by homebrew developers for the Nintendo DS.

Super Mario Bros. level 1-1 freshwater fishtank

Super Mario Bros freshwater fishtank - level 1-1If you're looking for some new freshwater or saltwater aquascaping and you're a Super Mario Bros. fan than this is something you'd like to replicate. Here's a Super Mario Bros. freshwater fishtank that replicates level 1-1 using Legos and what looks like laminated printed bricks. This project has really inspired us to update the fishtank here at WiiLoveMairo headquarters. Stay tuned..

Getting the lowest score possible in Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. - you've probably finished the game a gazillion times, but you've probably never tried to get the lowest score possible. Here's a video by NotEntirelySure of YouTube that will show you how he or she only scored 600 points in SMB for NES. NotEntirelySure seems to be a highly skilled SMB player as he used a couple of tricks and glitches in the game to achieve the lowest score possible in SMB.

Howto fix your old NES from the blinking red power light and flashing blue screen

Do you own a 8-bit NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) that no longer plays the cartridges? Does the red power light flash on and off while the screen blinks blue? Well, hopefully this article will help you fix your NES without having you turn blue in the face from blowing into the cartridge. My son and I went to our local Goodwill over the weekend and we found a 8bit NES along with 15 games. He's only 6 and has never played a NES so I thought it'd be cool for him to own a slice of console history.

Cool Super Mario costumes, Luigi costumes and Princess Peach costumes (and Wario)

So you are trying to decide what to dress your child up as this Halloween. They don't want to go with the same boring choices that they seem to choose every year; why not dress them up as a Super Mario Brothers character? For a girl, a Princess Peach costume is a perfect choice.

Custom Mario mushroom beanies

There's an awesome subreddit called /r/mario on As I was browsing around today, I saw a thread where someone was raising money to visit her long distance SO by selling these awesome custom Mario mushroom beanies. Help jenniferjoyous visit her long distance SO by buying a custom mushroom beanie. Head over here if you'd like to buy one.

Zelda theme played by Sungha Jung

I've been following Sungha for a while and he just released this video a few days ago. Here is Sungha playing the Zelda theme on an acoustic guitar.

Super Mario Nintendo DS holder w/bonus Mario DS game cart organizer bundle - SOLD OUT

UPDATE: We're all SOLD OUT. Thanks all!

The Evolution of Nintendo's Game Controllers

This is a funny timeline for the history of Nintendo's game controllers. It goes through the original NES controller from 1985 all the way to the new Wii controllers.

Super Mario Bros. Ringtones

Ringtones have been around forever, but these Mario Bros. ringtones are high quality ringtones from the actual Super Mario Bros. game. We've collected these mp3 Mario ringtones and now they're all available for you to download. Enjoy!

Super Mario Bros + Portal = Mari0

If you're a Portal fan and love Super Mario Bros (who doesnt?!) then this is the ultimate mod! This Super Mario Bros game was built completely from scratch and has the 1985 classic feel except you get a portal gun! :) This Portal Mario Bros also features 4 player coop with everyone rocking a Portal gun. Features include: Complete recreation of Super Mario Bros, Elements from Portal, Portal guns that shoots portals, 4 player simultaneaous co-op, level editor, 33 different hats and downloadable mappacks! This is available for Windows, Linux, OSX and Source!

Flash cards for Nintendo 3DS (R4, Crown 3DS, SuperCard 3DS and Acekard 3)

With Nintendo 3DS being at the height of popularity, many are searching for compatible flash cards - an R4 for 3DS. There is already an extensive list of r4 for 3DS cards that are compatible with Nintendo 3DS, however some can only be used to play the older games on your 3DS.

Crown 3DS flash card is currently making success with their work and the card can be used to play at least one 3DS game so far, however this card is not yet available to the public.

Super Mario Bros. theme played with floppy drives

We've seen the SMB theme song played on just about everything - from every instrument known to man to someone hand farting the song. This version is the most nerdiest one yet. It's played with 3 computer floppy drives using a custom circuit that shakes the floppy disk head at a particular frequency to make the music notes. +1000 Geek points! :)

Nintendo's Miyamoto stepping down from current position

Shigeru Miyamoto is a badassThe head of Nintendo's game design department is stepping down. Miyamoto is generally recognized worldwide as the leader in creative and influential game design. His works include many beloved and memorable video games, such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. In recent years, he has supervised the development of much larger games like Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Super Mario: 3D Land.

Miyamoto is looking forward to the development of smaller games that require a much shorter development time. "I'm not saying that I'm going to retire from game development altogether. What I mean by retiring is, retiring from my current position," Miyamoto said. He expressed hopes of starting work on a project in 2012 and completing the development within the year. He is eager to begin these lighter projects with the younger generation and share new ideas amongst a more personal team of developers.

Gifted sight reader, Tom Brier, plays the Nintendo greats

Tom Brier is a ragtime pianist that grew up in the Atari generation and not the Nintendo, Super Mario Bros generation. Tom is able to play any song the first time he looks at the sheet music. This incredible gift is called 'sight reading'. One of Tom's friend decided to give him some Nintendo game sheet music and here are the results: pure awesomeness!

Super Mario 3D Land videos and screenshots

Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS partial cover artThe Super Mario game concept has been around for a long time. Many people that loved the games as a child are now adults with children of their own. The current generation of gamers will now have the chance to experience Super Mario in a whole new setting. Nintendo has heightened the excited of the Super Mario game franchise with Super Mario 3D Land.

This is just one of many games that are now available on Nintendo 3DS. Super Mario 3D Land brings a familiar concept to the small screen. He's coming to the rescue again for Princess Peach. Mario meets some familiar characters as he starts his rescue mission. Friends and foes make up the character list that includes Boom Boom & Pom Pom, Bowser, Tail Bullet Bill, Tail Boo, Toad, Goombas, and Para-Biddy Buds.

Need Wii and Wii U accessories? Here's the Scoop!

If you love the Wii system and what Nintendo has done with this wildly popular console, then consider what this post will do for you as you look to buy Wii and Wii U accessories as well. Here we will get into the essentials you will want for your Wii collection- Controllers, Arcade Sticks, collectibles.. you want to know all about it and that's what we're here to talk about. Let's get into the review, shall we? First up are the controllers.

Wii controllers have changed the way you hold the remote. You might remember it with the two button configuration that was so classic as you play Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo. Now the game

Inflatable Karts and Jet Ski for Mario Kart Racing

It's about to get real up on the Mario Kart tracks! Check out these awesome inflatable Karts - they come in green, red and red/white. There's the classic Kart style and if you're looking for something different, check out the inflatable Jet Ski wii wheel below! These afforable Wii wheel inflatables will give you that arcade feel at home! For more cool wii accessories, check out

Super Mario Bros + Portal

Here's an awesome Super Mario Bros clone game with a twist: It's got a Portal gun (ASHPD)! Yes, that's right, you can warp around the levels as if you're playing Valve's Portal. This neat SMB game is coded using Löve, a free 2D game engine. The author plans to release the source code after it's complete. Here are a few highlights:

* Original SMB Levels and Lost Levels will be included
* Simultaneous Multiplayer (4 players on the same screen!)
* Ingame level editor


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