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AceKard 2 AK2 for Nintendo DS and NDS Lite (Blank Nintendo DS Cartridge)

Looking for info on the new Acekard 2i for the Nintendo DSi? Click here.

The AceKard 2 is the newest Nintendo DS storage device by AceKard. Unlike the AceKard R.P.G, the AceKard 2 supports SDHC microSD with no memory limit! You can get a 32gb microSD if you want to drop that kind of cash -- Most of the time, a 2gb microSD will do the job as it'll hold around 50 games.

It seems to get harder and harder to find these Nintendo DS storage devices. Amazon has stopped selling R4DS, DSTT and other DS storage devices. But I guess every now and them one of their vendors is able to slip in a storage device like this AceKard 2.

If you'd like to get a device that'll do the same thing (plus more) then the R4DS or DSTT, then this device is what you should get.

Here are some features of the Acekard 2.

  • Perfect compatibility and theres no need to convert or flash.
  • Save file is written directly to TF card so theres no need to manually select save size.
  • Run homebrew programs without converting as theres automatic DLDI patching.
  • Support soft-reset, Download Play and WiFi gaming,
  • Support SDHC TF card. Virtually unlimited storage size.
  • Support any brand of TF, with no slowdown.
  • Support Action Replay cheats . Build-in editor.
  • Low power consumption for longer operational time.
  • Built-in multiple languages and DIY skinning.


AceKard 2 video review:



how to use the R4DS

hello , everyone .nice to meet you , i met a problem today , i bought AceKard and R4DS last week in this site i received the items this morning , but i didnt know how to use when i got them , is there anyone who can help me about it , i really appreciate it . thanks

how to use the AceKard 2

i bought a AceKard 2 for my favourite NDS from last week ,but after i got it , i fond that i dont know how to use , i need help from u guys , anyone know it ,please leave your reply , i really appreciate it . i will be back check the answer later , thanks very much !


i have an acekard 2 dor NDS but i dont know where to downloard backrouds THAT WORK can someone plz tell me where and how?

acekard 2 i

i can't get my acekard 2 i to work. it says system file is missing. i downloaded everything needed, firmware and a game, made a game folder and put a game in it, and nothing is working! please help.

yes i have the same exact

yes i have the same exact problem and i dont seem to be able to find a fix for this, anyone know how to make this work?

I finally got it to work

First, download the software from this link: Unzip the file. You'll then have a folder called "_ak2" and a file called "ak4menu.nds" Make sure to start with a blank microsd card. Copy both files to the root of the microsd card. Copy all your homebrew games to the root of the microsd card. That should be it. I had the same error you had and this took care of it for me. Good luck.

You're my hero!!!

Dear Whistler!!! Thanks to you I got mine to work too, I followed your instructions which worked finally for my DS Lite with my acekard 2i. None of the other instructions worked, I just got the same "system file is missing" every time, but u had the secret receipe for my DSL.... I owe u a beer...or quite many of them.
Thankis my hero!!!! ever grateful =)

i have the exact same

i have the exact same problem and i'm still trying to research it. if anyone finds out, will you please post it here? TIA

what format should it be in?

my friend got me the aceekard 2 and i had heaps of games ad cd's with more. i have put some on the card but not they all come up are abode reader and i cant play them. how do i change them into the right program thing and how do i put them on the acekard? im not very computer literate :S

where the girl got her DS from

i watched the video and now i really want to get an AceKard 2. i only know about it because my friend got an R4 card from china, but i couldn't find shops that would sell it.

i've been on the website you got the DS from, but i don't understand spanish that well, because i'm english, hence a pretty bad problem.

thank you for sharing your information about the AceKard, i've found somewhere that i can get it for a really good price.

my only confusion is that is an AceKard an R4 card? and do i need both to use the AceKard.

please reply.


No, an acekatd is different from an r4. However, they do almost the same thing, so you get to pick one or the other. It is impossible as far as I know of to transfer a save file from r4 to acekard. I recommend the acekard as you get to actually choose what language to use it in.

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