Super Mario Bros.

Cool Super Mario Bros Christmas stocking stuffer and present ideas

Can you believe that the year is almost over?! We have Thanksgiving and then our favorite time of the year - Christmas! :) Here at WiiLoveMario, we like to give out Super Mario Bros gifts for Xmas. Every year retailers release new Super Mario gadgets, toys and videogames that are perfect for stocking stuffers and presents. Since our economy is in the dumps, we've decided to put together an inexpensive shopping list with cool Super Mario gift ideas that would make any kid happy and would also give any adult that good feeling of Super Mario nostagia. Lets get started.

Here are some excellent Super Mario Bros stocking stuffers under $20:

Super Mario Bros Sound Effects Keychain SMB removable wall decorations Mario Mini Figures 11pcs set SUPER MARIO 6" PLUSH SERIES 1 PIRAHNA PETE
Super Mario Bros Sound Effects Keychain SMB Removable Wall Decorations Mario Mini Figures 11pcs set Pirahna Pete 6" Plush
Super Mairo 12" Plush doll 12" Plush Luigi Doll 8 inch plush princess peach doll Koopa Shell with sound
12" Plush Super Mario doll 12" Plush Luigi doll 8" Plush Princess Peach Doll Koopa Shell with Sound
Super Mario Bros - Mario Slippers Super Mario Bros - Luigi Slippers Super Mario Bros - Yoshi plush doll Super Mario Bros Boo Ghost
Mario Slippers! Luigi Slippers! Yoshi plush doll Boo Ghost
Super Mario Bros Star plush Koopa Turtle Super Mario Bros Power Up Energy Drink Green Mushroom and Luigi Wallet
Super Mario Bros Star Koopa Turtle Power Up Energy Drink Green Mushroom and Luigi Wallet



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