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Keep your head warm this winter with a Goomba Beanie

Winter is coming up and what better way to keep your cranium warm then with this cool Goomba beanie.  The Goomba beanie is a high quality knit cap and is very comfy on the ears and head. We here at WiiLoveMario is definately getting a few this winter when we hit the slopes. Just watch out for short Italian plumbers trying to jump on your head when you wear it! :)

Goomba Beanie
Close-up of the Goomba Beanie face
Wearing the Goomba Beanie

Goomba (Kuribō) from Super Mario Bros Goombas (also known as Kuribō) are a brown mushroom like creature with feet. Goombas used to be cool with the Mushroom Kingdom, but they betrayed the motherland and decided to hang with Bowser. This is why Mario has to stomp out every Goomba he sees! This has been a quick Super Mario Bros fact.


that is sooo coll i want one

that is sooo coll i want one im obsessed with mario an i love luigi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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