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Cupcake Stand

Could you please tell me where you got the images that decorated the cupcake stand? I guess mainly the castle at the top. It looks like all the other pictures are all hand drawn on construction paper....?

Mario = Awesome

This is my equation for Mario!
I really love Mario as a (video) game character!


I have been looking for ideas for tattoos, and I wanted a Mario and Peach, with one true love, I saw this picture and I LOVE IT. I can't just take your art and put it on my body. So here I am asking for permission to use your art for a tattoo.

thanks. Just let me know either way.

Artwork from all over the Internet

These are images I've collected from all over the Internet. They belong to a lot of people.. but a lot of people get artwork on their bodies without getting permission. I say go for it!

ooooh! :D

This is a good selection of Mario pictures! :) Too bad none of mine made it up there. :(

Hello my names Kate Weeden and i live in South Wales in the UK. ....*ehem :) *
I LOOOOVE PRINCESS PEACH MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD! People on many sites know me as a HUGE Peach lover and say they`ve never met a bigger Peach than than me! And im PROUD of it!


Hey PrincessPeach4eva! I'll have to add more Princess Peach pics.

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