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N5DS - Revolution for DS (Yes, another storage device for Nintendo DS)

It seems every time we blink there's a new Nintendo DS storage device that emerges. This time the device is called the N5DS Revolution for DS. The N5DS site shares the same design as the R4DS, but we're not sure if they're the same company. The N5DS seems to also use the same firmware as the R4DS. We've put in an order just to see what this device is all about.


not starting up N5 after saving game

after saving game in 2 GB miro sd, I have loaded in N5, DS showing loading, but games are not loading what to do, any can help.

it does not brake your DS I

it does not brake your DS
I tried it! XD

Has anyone tried this yet?

Just curious if anyone had a chance to try this N5 out.


i have it, i use the N5 with a 1 GB micro sd. its okay but even if you set the startup mode in manual, it goes to automatic. O_o other than that, its not bad. havent tried the others yet tho.

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