Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) + Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt = Happiness

Ever wish you had your old NES back? Did you come back from college to find out that your mom had thrown away your useless video games systems? Sometimes parents just don't understand. If you have $50 to spare, then you can regain a part of your childhood! Amazon is offering this Nintendo NES System bundled with Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt, 2 controllers and the Zapper light gun.

Nintendo NES System - Video Game Console Bundle (Includes 2 Controllers / Zapper / Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt)

For those of you who just landed on Earth, here's a quick history lesson on the NES:

During the video game crash of 1983 and as Atari was starting to run out of steam, Nintendo stepped in to revitalize the US video gaming industry. The Family Computer / Famicon (an 8bit video game console) was first release in Japan (in 1983), Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Philippines where it was a huge hit - the Asian countries gobbled it up like hotcakes! Nintendo then release the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the US, Europe, Austrailia and Brazil in 1985. Everybody and their momma was trying to get their hands on a NES system. If you're one of those people from the 80s still looking for a NES, then here's your chance to own a piece of video game history!. :)


Remember this Super Mario Bros Commercial?




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