Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Entertainment System Of A Down

This is hands down the BEST Super Mario Bros metal mix to ever grace the Internet! Even though the video says "Nintendo Entertainment System of A Down", we're not sure if SOAD really did it... although it's good enough that it could be SOAD as they are gamers and did do a Legend of Zelda song (see below the Mario Metal mix).

Legend of Zelda by System of a Down

Yea, that SOAD song is catchy isn' it? Here's the lyrics just incase:

Link, he come to town
Come to save the Princess Zelda
Ganon took her away
Now the children don't play
But they will when link saves the day

Now link, fill up your hearts
So you can shoot your sword with power
And when you're feeling all down
The fairy will come around
So you'll be brave, and not a sissy coward

Now Link has saved the day
Put Ganon in his grave
So now Zelda is free
And now our hero shall be
Link! I think your name shall go down into history


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