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Existing DS/DSi flash cards (blank cartridges) works with the new Nintendo 3DS!

AceKard RPG working with Nintendo 3DSNintendo's new 3DS handheld console is due out in March and there are rumors floating around that it works with existing flash cards. Someone managed to plug their AceKard RPG flash card into one of the Nintendo 3DS display units at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 - and it worked! This is good news for the homebrew community and for all you AceKard flash cards owners. Most homebrew developers will not fork up the cash for a 3DS Dev Kit from Nintendo, so this alternative rewritable 3DS blank flash cartridge would be great to test your homebrew software/games, play MP3s, videos and copy/consolidate your existing DS/DSi/3DS cartridges onto one cartridge. The AceKard flash card has been available for some time now and it works with the original DS, DS Lite, DSi and apparently it works on the soon to be released Nintendo 3DS. Joy!

Here's a handy AceKard flash card buyer's guide:

AceKard flash card guide - Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, 3DS

Acekard 2
Acekard 2 for DS and DS Lite
Acekard 2i
AceLard 2i for DSi
Acekard RPG
R4 DS version III Upgrade
Buy from one of these reliable AceKard vendors:




Works with Nintendo DS? Yes Yes Yes
Works with Nintendo DS Lite? Yes Yes Yes
Works with Nintendo DSi? No Yes Yes
Works with Nintendo 3DS? TBD TBD Yes*

The AceKard and other flash cards like the R4, CycloDS and Supercard are usually sold from vendors in Hong Kong. We've ordered a few flash cards from these companies and even though the ship time could take up to 2 - 3 weeks to arrive - they always arrives and work perfectly in our DS/DSL/DSi and soon 3DS. If you'd like to pick up an AceKard, head over to this reputable AceKard vendor.

Here's a photo of an AceKard RPG working on the new Nintendo 3DS at the Tokyo Game Show 2010.

AceKard RPG working with Nintendo 3DS



I love photoshop too how long did it take u to make da pic?

loyal fan

i am a loyal fan of nintendo since nes/famicon all the way up to the wii i have owned every nintendo console and hand-held theyve made. and i have to say that most recently the ds and th flash cards have help expand my options and i love my dsi with ak2i card im glad the technology is available it makes my dsi just that much more fun and yes i went out last night to my local gamestop and pre-ordered my 3ds keep it up nintendo and youll always have a friend in me LOL

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