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Nintendo 3DS will be available March 2011!

Nintendo 3DSThe new Nintendo 3DS is almost here! Nintendo held a press event today in New York to unveil the Nintendo 3DS launch details for North America.

The Nintendo 3DS will be available on March 27, 2011 for $249.99. It'll come bundled with a 2GB SSD card  (removable, if you want to buy something bigger) , a charging cradle and 6 AR cards. Nintendo will be offering two colors at launch: Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue. The 3DS will also be able to play DS and DSi cartridges. Here is a list of the cool Nintendo 3DS built-in features:


Nintendo 3DS Home Menu

Nintendo 3DS Camera

The Nintendo 3DS Home menu is what you'll see when you boot your 3DS up. This is where you'll launch all of your games and apps. One really cool feature is the ability to pause a game, hit the Home button to get back to the dashboard to fire up the Internet Browser to look for some game hints and then go back to the game and resume where you left!

Nintendo 3DS Camera

Nintendo 3DS Camera

The Nintendo 3DS has a built-in 3D camera. This camera will bring your memories to a new dimension! There are also cool filters like the Merge lens, Pinhole lens and Graffiti tool.

Nintendo 3DS Mii Maker

Nintendo 3DS Mii Maker

The Mii character tool on the Nintendo 3DS is similar to the Wii one except the 3DS allows you to take a picture of yourself and the 3DS will generate a Mii from your picture. After it generates a Mii, it'll give you the option to adjust the settings to make it look closer to you.

Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Mii Plaza

Nintendo 3DS Mii Plaza

StreetPass Mii Plaza is the social network for the Nintendo 3DS. StreetPass Mii Plaza lets you meet and greet with other 3DS users where you can exchange things like mii data and game play info. It'll also let you know when a Mii friend is close to you.

Nintendo 3DS AR Games

Nintendo 3DS AR Games

AR games or Augmented Reality games is one of the coolest features for the Nintendo 3DS. The AR games creates a game from the real world.. right on your coffee table or on your office desk. The AR games uses the 3DS outer camera with the AR cards. All you would need to do is place one of the 6 AR cards included with the system on your desk and the 3DS will create a virtual game using the platform you placed the AR cards on.

Nintendo 3DS Face Raiders

Nintendo 3DS Face Raiders

Face Raiders is a game that uses the built in 3DS camera. You'll be able to take a photo of yourself or friend, then place them into the game where you can use the faces as shooting targets. To play, you'll need to move around with your Nintendo 3DS like the Wii controller where you have to lean and turn to aim low and high. The 3DS has a built-in gyro sensor that makes all this cool gaming possible.

Nintendo 3DS Activity Log

Nintendo 3DS Activity Log

The Activity Log feature is to track how addicted you are to your Nintendo 3DS. :) It'll log the game activity, how long you've played them and it'll also count the physical steps you take while you're playing or 3DS. This also promotes good health because the more you walk, the more Play Coins your earn. Play Coins can then be used in games to acquire special content and other hidden game items.

Nintendo 3DS eShop

Nintendo 3DS - Download classic games like Super Mario Bros.

This feature is for all you old-school gamers. The eShop allows you to download classic games like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong etc. The eShop also has classic games from the Game Boy and Game Boy color.

Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser

Nintendo 3DS Internet browser

The Nintendo 3DS has built in WiFi so you'll be able to surf the web anywhere WiFi is offered using the built in Internet browser. We're not sure how it'll display the web pages yet, but hopefully it'll be as good as the smart phones.

Nintendo 3DS Sound

Nintendo 3DS Sound

The Nintendo 3DS sound app lets you listen to MP3s or AAC files that's saved on your SD card. The 3DS also allows you to record and play sound with the built-in microphone and use the filters on your recorders to make cool sounds.

Nintendo 3DS Flash Cards: R4 3DS and Acekard 3DS

So those are some of the awesome features that will be built-in with the Nintendo 3DS. What most people will be wondering is when the flash cards will be available for them! :) We're guessing the 3DS will be cracked/hacked within a few months of release. There will be flash cards from the usual vendors available like R4DS, Acekard and the other flash card manufacturers. If man made, man can break it.




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