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Nintendo DSi v1.4 compatible flash cards

Nintendo released their version 1.4 firmware for the DSi recently that adds a couple of features: Facebook image upload and it speeds up the built-in camera. Along with those features they also included a feature that disables DSi compatible flash cards like the R4i, DSTTi and Acekard 2i.

Five days after Nintendo released the firmware to disable flash card, hackers were able to release their own update firmware to make flash cards work again with the v1.4 DSi firmware. It's always the cat and mouse game and it seems the homebrew folks always win in the end. So if you haven't updated your DSi firmware yet, then you might not want to. But if you really need the Facebook upload app, then go for it and update your flash card firmware.

Here's a firmware guide for R4i with updated firmware for the R4i cards.

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