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Patching the Chinese R4DS to use the English firmware

If you have a Chinese R4DS and want to put the English firmware on it, then you'll need to patch the _DS_MENU.DAT file before it'll work. Follow the instructions below to patch your _DS_MENU.DAT file.

1. Download the latest English firmware from
2. Download the latest language patcher
3. Extract firmware files and put the _DS_MENU.DAT file in the same directory as patch.exe and info.db
4. Run patch.exe
5. Type in name of dat file, _DS_MENU.DAT
6. It’ll ask you if you want to run it on M3 hardware, type N
7. It’ll ask you if you want to run it on Chinese or Japanese hardware, type 1
8. Copy the patched _DS_MENU.DAT to the root of your microSD with the other firmware files.
9. Done. Enjoy your new English R4 Revolution DS for the Nintendo DS Lite.

The instructions above were found here:

wat should i do?

wat came out was this:
This file is meant for use on hardware, do you want to patch it for use on M3 hardware? <1/2/N>

i dont kno wat to type

Thank You Very Much~<3

thank you, ur info really help and it worked!!!!!


I hope someone's still working on this site :/
My r4 is chinese and I followed the steps and now its english (:
But if I want to download a new verson like 1.24 because i have 1.18, what do I do?
Do i leave the chinese converted into english _DS_MENU.DAT in my MicroSD card and put a 1.24 in it also?

cant work. help

i follow thru the same thing as above.
but it ask me : this file is meant for M3 hardware. do u want to patch it to R4 hardware (Y/N)
of coz i type Y
then it say this file is meant to use on hardware. do u want to patch it for use on M3 hardware. (1/2/N). of coz i type N. then the whole thing closed.

so mean wat? can anyone help? wat is hardware? im using R4 chinese. try to patch it the english firmware V1.23.
it doesnt ask me wat language i want also. does this language patcher work on the V1.23?


AWESOME JOB, IT WORKS NOW, execpt u miss 1 step before the "It’ll ask you if you want to run it on M3 hardware, type N" but anyways it worked!!!!!!!

Cheers mate, helped a lot! :3

Cheers mate, helped a lot! :3


Thanks for posting this, it works for me now! :)

Patch problem for R4 1.18v


Is there anyone who made it work for R4 1.18v on chinese which i wanna change to English Kernel?

PLZ Help meeeeeeee!!!!!

how i did the exact same

how i did the exact same thing and when i typed N it just close?

Thank you

You made my little cousin very happy!

Incredibly useful. Thank

Incredibly useful. Thank you.

It doesn't work!!

I've downloaded the latest version "R4 v1.18 kernel" on, coz somehow the website of www.r4ds.COM doesn't work. Anyway, at point 5 in your description, when I run patch.exe and type in _DS_MENU.DAT, it gives me "This file was not found in the database. Detect info/settings? (y/n)"

What did I wrong?! Please help!

type y

type y

wow thanks ^_^it helped!!

wow thanks ^_^it helped!!

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