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R4 flash cards are now illegal in the UK

The DS homebrew community in the United Kingdom is bumming! London's high court has just made R4 flash cards illegal. The R4 flash card cannot be sold, advertised or imported into the United Kingdom. What will the UKers do without their R4 cards? Are all DS flash cards illegal or is it just the R4? R4s are so old, people should really be using a more modern flash card like the Supercard DSTWO anyways. Joystiq reports that since 2009, Nintendo has already seized over 100,000 R4 flash cards. If Nintendo really wanted to curb the use of the R4 and other flash cards, they would make a portable DS where you can install your games onto the handheld rather than carry around a pocket full of DS cartridges. I know plenty of families with kids that have either lost or broken their original DS cartridges and they were ecstatic when they heard of a blank cartridge that can hold all of their kids games. Even though most people use these flash cards for pirating games.. there are still some of us that use it to just consolidate our DS games. Hopefully the courts here won't follow suite!


New R4i-SDHC V1.4.1 Available on Sep 23rd, 2010 FlashCarts Solution
Luckily, it is legal in France and China. released a brand new R4i-SDHC V1.4.1 cart which supports DSi 1.4.1 on Sep 23rd, 2010. It is available at

bad news

what ! how could this happened , R4 flash cards are now illegal in the UK ? how can i play my favourite NDS without R4 flash cards . another , i just bought some items , AceKard 2 and R4DS from here . whether i can get it because of ther law ? thanks

That's just wrong!

This is a bad call on the high courts! What's next? Will they start banning blank DVDs because you can use them to copy movies? Hmpf!

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