Super Mario Bros.

R4DS Skins: 1UP, 8-Bit Mario, Toads and Official WiiLoveMario R4DS Skin

We finally received our R4 Revolutions for DS today! After playing the R4 for a few hours, we decided the default skin had to be replace with something more Mario friendly. :) Here are a few skins we slapped together. All of the skins below are available for download. UPDATE: The old skins were scrapped and updated with the following Super Mario Bros R4 Skins:
To replace the default R4DS skin, extracted the .ZIP and then copy the “_system_” folder to the root directory of the microSD card.
1UP R4DS Skin 8-Bit Mario R4DS Skin
1UP R4DS Skin 8-Bit Mario R4DS Skin
Download 1UP R4DS Skin Download 8-Bit Mario R4DS Skin

Wii Love Mario R4DS Skin :) Toads R4DS Skin
Wii Love Mario R4DS Skin Toads R4DS Skins
Download Wii Love Mario R4DS Skin :) Download Toads R4DS Skin

Background used for all skins:
R4DS - Revolution for DS background
Don't know what a R4DS is? Read this


does it work for r4i how do

does it work for r4i how do you use it on r4i

you dont need to replace the

you dont need to replace the entire folder.Just add the images to the folder and don't delete nothing.

how do i

how do i make the skin as my background on my r4

replace the r4ds data???


I think it shouldn't be OK to replace the whole _system_ folder...
but how do I exactly place my own skin there?
I searched the internet and it says: make your own 256*192 image and call the images: logo.bmp icon.bmp bckgrd_1.bmp and bckgrd_2.bmp
but I can't find these

please help

Casper from the netherlands


internet says: replace youre images for ...


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