Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Fusion -- Mario meets Halo

This is an amazing mod of Super Mario Bros called Super Mario Fusion (Public release v0.0.0.2 Beta). It's a mix of Super Mario Bros and Halo. This game runs on your PC. Watch the video and download the game below! We can't seem to stop playing! Enjoy!

Based on a heavily modified Super Mario Bros. Hello Engine III by Hello.

======== Controls ========
SHIFT or Z: Jump/Swim
CTRL or X: Run/Shoot/Pick-up
Spacebar or C: Drop reserve item.
ENTER: Pause game.
F1: Display help file.
F2: Restart Game
F3: Full Screen + Resolution
F4: Toggle between Full Screen and Windowed
F9: Take a screenshot (.BMP)
Esc: End game

______________quote from YouTube______________

    Super Mario Fusion v0.0.0.2 Beta is out!
    Get it at:
    Get the MP3 music pack at:
    You are not required to have the MP3 music pack to play the game, but you'll have no level music.

    Source Alternate Link:
    Thanks to Axel Night at Attacked by Gorillas for the link to Joy2Key, which coverts keyboard input to joystick input:

    Here's another joystick-to-keyboard emulator:

    1. Halo graphics are from HALO ZERO by Dobermann Software, which includes Dobermann, Chainsaw, AlexTheBlind, 58, and Atomik. Used by permission.
    2. Yes, I have coded in the ability to discard your weapon.
    3. I know I suck. I am not playing for skil, but to show off the level layout.
    3. I will delete any comments that consist of the following: "It's not Mario." "Halo sucks." (any flame comments or non-constructive criticisms).

    Super Mario Fusion is a crossover Mario fan game made in Game Maker 7 Pro using a heavily modified version of the Super Mario Bros. Hello Engine III. I expect to release the demo and source by the weekend of January 11-13.

    Halo will be its own world in this crossover Mario fan game. I've developed three Halo weapons into the game: Plasma Pistol (with charge shot), Assault Rifle, and Covenant Plasma Rifle; Mario can use them all!

    The most significant aspect of the Halo levels is that THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT. Many enemies will be strategically placed throughout the levels, so you are required to work your way through the enemy fortifications at your own pace. Also, Halo weaponry will make certain sections easier, but Mario can still use his own weaponry (shells, fireballs, hammers, invincibility) to kill the Covenant. The Covenant cannot be stomped.

    The level featured will be in the demo release. Believe it or not, this level is only 40% complete. I still have one more sublevel planned after the checkpoint, and additional level design tweaks are needed for all areas of the level. As it stands, this is a very difficult level because of the timely pace and patience required for most sections of this level.

    If you have Game Maker 7 Pro, get the Hello Engine III at

    Get Game Maker 7 Lite from:

    Music used: Under Cover of Night (Halo OST)

______________end quote from YouTube______________


okay i guss a 3D version for the 3DS is coming

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when will super mario fusion be out

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