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Super Mario Brothers Christmas Gifts: Turning Mario into Santa Claus

Merry Christmas!Worried about what to get the gamer in your life this holiday season? Make Mario your Santa Claus with Super Mario Bros. Christmas gifts that are not just video games. But first let’s talk about the ultimate collector and what truly makes a fan of our famous plumber duo that sinks into green pipes to fight off Goombas.

True fans will appreciate any classic Nintendo system which will include specific game titles for that fantastic Super Mario Bros. holiday gift. Imagine that gamer in your life receiving an original Nintendo Entertainment System with the original three Super Mario Brothers games! You may find it hard to wrap that used system and oversized grey cartridge with a black sleeve labeled Nintendo, but to the true fan, wrapping and bows won’t matter! Finding these classic Nintendo systems won’t be easy, but enough garage sales and flea markets will be a fun adventure to find perfect Super Mario Bros. Christmas gifts.

The true fan will also appreciate any type of apparel branded with the Super Mario brothers Luigi and Mario. In most department stores you can find hats, t-shirts, and even pajamas! Supporting your favorite classic game can also bring a proud sensation as they open up their uber cool Super Mario Bros. Christmas gifts! The styles of apparel are still hip today with their retro fashion techniques or even printed with tattoo like backgrounds. Mario has definitely proven that he can stay hip to the times as we still support his style of fighting off the Hammer brothers and collecting coins as loot.

Classic Super Mario Bros. Christmas gifts can even come in the form of pocket mints in the shape of mushrooms or other character baddies in the games. You can usually find these in your local video game specialty stores, you know, where the true gamers go.

For our younger generation that may not know the history of the green and red overall brothers, purchasing a Nintendo Wii system will give your pre-teen two lessons. By downloading the classic originals to your system and playing the disc based games, they will definitely get the full sensation of what Super Mario Brothers have done for our gaming generation today. Super Mario Brothers still set the bar today for all types of gamers; Paper Mario for platformers, Mario Kart for mini racers, Mario Party for mini gamers, and Super Mario Bros. for side scrollers.

Nintendo has also released a 25th anniversary red Wii console packaged with Super Mario Bros., matching red remote and nunchuck for the Mario fan of all ages.

So to summarize, our 8-bit plumbers have grown up to high definition icons and heroes that are recognized by all gamers on t-shirts, Bobblehead dolls, and all Nintendo based systems. Any of the treasures that are mentioned here are sure to please any gamer during this Holiday Season.

Top 10 Super Mario Bros. Holiday Gifts:

#10 - Mario and Luigi slippers

Mario and Luigi slippers


#9 - Super Mario Bros Yahtzee

Super Mario Bros YahtzeeYahtzee - Super Mario Bros edition


#8 - Super Mario Chess Set

Super Mario Chess SetSuper Mario Chess Set


#7 - Super Mario Bros. Monopoly Board Game

Super Mario Bros. Monopoly board game


#6 - Carrera Mario Kart DS Race Track

Carrera Mario Kart race trackMario Kart race trackMario and Princess Peach kart


#5 - NES compatible console + Mario Bros. with Duck Hunt NES cartridge:

NES compatible consoleNES - Mario Bros with Duck Hunt


#4 - Original NES console + Mario Bros cartridge:

Original NES console in boxOriginal NES console


#3 - 25th Anniversary Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition for Nintendo Wii

Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary All-Star video game for WiiSuper Mario Bros 25th Anniversary All Stars coverSuper Mario Bros 25th Anniversary video game for Wii


#2 - New Super Mario Bros. Bundle with NSMB Wii game, lunchbox, controller skins and T-shirt

New Super Mario Bros bundleNew Super Mario Bros bundle


#1 - Super Mario Bros Limited Edition Nintendo Wii bundle

Super  Mario Bros Nintendo Wii - Limited EditionLimited Edition Nintendo Wii - Super Mario Bros. edition


The loot

Hope everyone had a great Xmas! I scored the following SMB gifts from Princess Peach:

#8 - Super Mario Chess Set
#9 - Super Mario Bros Yahtzee
#3 - 25th Anniversary Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition for Nintendo Wii


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