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A few random facts about Nintendo

Nintendo Playing Card company 1889Nintendo was founded in late 1889 as a playing card company, originally named Nintendo Koppai. Nintendo was based in Kyoto, Japan, the business created play cards called Hanafuda. Hanafuda, meaning "flower cards," is a traditional Japanese card game that dates back to the 1500s. It is said that the modern design of the card set was created in the mid 1700s. This is the first time these Hanafuda cards have been available outside of Japan. Nintendo continues to manufacture these playing cards in Japan and holds a tournament every year called the "Nintendo Cup".



What else did you not know about Nintendo?

  • Nintendo was founded in 1889 as playing card company. They made their first video game in 1978.
  • By 1963, Nintendo had tried several small niche businesses like running a cab company and a love hotel!
  • Nintendo is the majority owner of the MLB team the Seattle Mariners
  • Nintendo means 'Leave luck to heaven,' in Japanese.
  • Nintendo lucked out in hiring Shigeru Miyamoto, a 24-year-old as their first staff artist in 1977. He would eventually become the creator of Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, and the Wii.
  • As a child, Miyamoto idolized Walt Disney. By 1990, Mario, his creation, had become more recognizable then Mickey.
  • Nintendo's Top 3 Franchises:
    • #1 Mario (240m)
    • #2 Pokemon (200m)
    • #3 Zelda (94m)
    • Mario + Pokemon + Zelda = 534 Million Games Sold
      • Sonic (36m), Halo (27m) and Mortal Kombat (26m)
  • The Wii just surpassed the NES as the best-selling Nintendo System of all time.
    • Wii (67.46m)
    • NES (67.45m) - A stack of 534 million NES cartridges would be 6,230 miles tall.
    • SNES (49.10m)
    • N64 (32.93m)
    • GameCube (22m)
    • Virtua Boy (0.80m) - Nintendo's failed experiment with 3D gaming.
    • Xbox 360 (39m)
    • PS3 (33.50m)
  • The DS just passed the Gameboy to become the best-selling handheld system ever.
    • Nintendo DS (125.13m)
    • Gameboy (118.69m)
    • GBA ( 81.40m)
    • PSP (55.90m)
    • iPhone (41.80m)
  • In 2008, Nintendo made $1.28 million dollars for every employee. Thanksgiving week in 2009. Nintendo sold 2.5 systems every second.
  • A few porn games were released without Nintendo's permission including: Bubble Bath Babes, Hot Slots, and a Peek-a-boo Poker. (these rare games are now worth up to $1000 a piece!)
  • Nintendo is a larger company then Sony, Target, Lowe's, Yahoo and Nike.
  • To make games last longer, many NES games were insanely hard to beat. Today gamers call especially difficult games 'Nintendo Hard' in honor of that era.
  • Mario has a 27' vertical jump
  • Quick Mario Stats:
    • 235 video games
    • 31 different power ups
    • 7 TV shows
    • 1 ridiculous breakfast cereal


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